Oh I already know my friends and family have already formed their side eyes just by reading the title itself. And no matter what they say when they text me their annoying questions and comments, this post in no way has anything to do with anyone but myself. I thoroughly hate the “New Year New Me” phrase and I never set resolutions. Simply for the fact that I don’t believe in waiting a whole 365 days to make changes that effect the outcome of my life.

I will however take a look back at the year that seemed to torment the entire world, and pull out some errors that I’d like to avoid in 2017. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’m cultivating a “new year new me” mentality, it just means I’m becoming more aware of my behavior and whether or not the actions I’m taking are leading me in the direction I want to go.

So without further adieu I’ve got the 10 biggest mistakes I want to stop making in 2017 that I simply just couldn’t stop making in 2016!

10 Mistakes I Want To Stop Making in 2017

1. Spending Money Frivolously: In 2016… I made less money than 2015 due to my change in jobs and losing out on some extra opportunities to make extra money. However I’m sure if I tallied up the numbers (which I won’t do for the sake of my sanity) I’m sure I spent way more money than I did in 2015. Even though I did save an extra 5,000 dollars, paid off my car, and decreased my student loan debt by 11,000 I still feel as though I spent my money way too frivolously on things I didn’t really need to. Especially in this fourth quarter where I gloated on having to buy way fewer Christmas presents and putting aside 600 for the holiday season… I’ve spent well over 1000 and only bought three people gifts! WTF! Between spending money ridiculously on myself, and going out to eat with friends and family… I’m ashamed to see what my  credit card bill looks like at the end of this month. I’ll be saving another 17,000 this year so once January comes along … I’m going back on my strict indoor policy to avoid spending money unnecessarily.

2. Forgiving People Who Don’t Deserve Forgiveness: I know they say forgiveness is not for the person but instead it is for you… yeah EFF THAT! There are some people that don’t deserve your forgiveness plain and simple. I’ve always been taught to take the high road… and I surely for the most part always will… but the high road doesn’t necessarily have to come with my forgiveness because it honestly isn’t as burdensome as you may think to hate someone who has done you wrong. As long as the hate or anger isn’t eating me up or making me toss and turn at night… I’m perfectly fine keeping my forgiveness and moving on with my life. Perhaps one day I will mature and be wiser with my thinking… but for now in 2017… if I don’t f*** with you… I also don’t forgive you!

3. Doing Things I Don’t Really Want To Do: This one is hard to stop, but it is definitely a mistake I will be bringing a halt to in 2017. I am a very loving and caring person for my friends and family… which means many times I am placed in a difficult situation of doing what they want me to do or doing nothing… which is always what I want to do. Learning to say no at the right moments is something I’m working on. Though many people who know me already think I do pretty much what I want when I want… and for the most part that is true. However my closest friends and family members have gotten me to do some pretty annoying things this past year… and we’re going to bring that down to a nice cool 0 in 2017!

4. Wasting Time On Social Media: 2016 was a year that I lacked serious motivation to get things done. I had so many plans and goals for my own personal writing and this blog that fell by the waist side because of my social media surfing. Even though my 28 goals for my 28th year included giving up social media for 2-3 days a month… I found that when I would return from my hiatus I’d be worse than before. During the time off I felt refreshed, focused and light… but still had a consistent itch to see what was going on in the world of social media. Though I’m not as bad as many of my friends and family.. it’s still bad enough for me to bring attention to it for myself. While I’ll continue with the 2-3 day hiatus once a month, I think taking short bursts of time off from social media on a daily basis in 2017 will help keep me on track and meeting deadlines for more efficiently.

5. Procastinating: I am highly organized, that is one thing that most people would claim to be one of my best qualities. However I have mastered the art of procrastination so well that I unknowingly work it into my calendar/schedule on a daily basis. Instead of getting up and going to the gym after work, I come home, snack, play with my dog, surf the web, and then go to the gym 2-3 hours later.  I then complain at night that I have to work so late on blogging and lesson planning that I’m getting less and less sleep. Because of this I become a hermit on the weekends and spend hours infront of my computer completing assignments and meeting deadlines. This is not LIFE! Or it can’t be! I can’t procrastinate to the point where I am penciling it into my planner. It has to stop, but I’ll be honest with myself and say I’ll just decrease it gradually as the year progresses (hopefully) … PS: this post is scheduled to come out at 10:00 am… it’s 3:00am EST… yeah… I’ll work on it!

6. Perfecting things that don’t need to be perfected: I’ve got to give up thinking that everything needs to be perfect or a particular way. This often leads me to doing extra work/ more work than what is truly necessary. Instead I plan on refocusing on what truly matters and stop sweating the small stuff.

7. Skipping Work Out Sessions: Granted for the past two years I’ve been more on than off when it comes to working out and the results have been amazing. However I think because I always feel that I’m so busy or that my “to do list” is never ending I make a ton of excuses as to why it’s okay for me to go one week without working out. Especially now because I am commuting, I’m obviously more active than I was when I was driving to work daily. As trying as those train steps may be, and that hill that I walk up and down every single day, it still doesn’t compare to how I feel after a good solid 60-90 minute workout. Since I’ve formally signed up for a gym I think I’ll be more focused on getting there 3-5 times a week so I don’t feel like I’m wasting my money.

8. Worrying/ Panicking/ Being Anxious About New Things: 2016 was the year of my ridiculous nervous panicking. Which is funny… because it was also the year I adopted by “everything is fine” motto… a motto that has spread like wild fire among my friends and family FYI! While I often to do think that everything will be fine as an end result, prior to me reaching the end I panic… and I mean PANIC! I got a new job this year at a new school and the moment I accepted it, I almost had a nervous break down. Moments of celebration or things that are new often make me break out into instant fits of back sweat and hyperventilating. I don’t know if it something that has come with age, but I spent an entire two weeks at the end of the summer crying daily and psyching myself out about my new job. Thankfully I have friends with the patience of saints who talked me down off the cliff and made sure my first month transition was well supported. And obviously I have made it to the end of the year unbroken and bruise free for the most part. So that teaches me for 2017 to kind of just dive into things and worry about the repercussions as they arise.

9. Passing Unfair Judgements: This has always been hard for me as it is for most humans. We enter most situations with a pre conceived notion in our head of how things are supposed to be or how people are supposed to think/behave. That is pointless and unfair to others. I’ll do better!

10. Taking on too many burdens: Wanting things to always  be perfect puts me in a position to take on a role in everything. Being a leader means knowing when to give away some leadership roles to other people. It has always been my burden to carry too many burdens. Even in the classroom my observation reports usually state that I need to give more power to the students to take on challenges in their own education themselves. I can’t carry everyone and frankly I don’t want to. So in 2017 I plan on taking the back seat on a few projects instead of always having to be the one in the driver seat. We’ll see how that shapes!

What’s the biggest mistake you’re leaving behind in 2016 and avoiding in the new year? Share your mistakes with us below in the comment box!

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2 Responses to 10 Mistakes I Want To Stop Making In 2017

  1. Great Post!

    I’d say that the biggest mistake that I’ve made in 2016 would be spending too much time working and not enough time maintaining relationships with my friends and family. I’m a perfectionist like yourself, which leads me to spending countless hours at work, at home, and other working hard to be the best trainer, investor, and business man that I can be. Unfortunately, it tends to get exhausting, resulting in me deciding to stay home and rest. I’d prefer to spend more time sharing ideas, jokes, and experiences with old friends (like yourself) and family.