I’m never the type to count any one’s coins, because trust me I know… times are NOT easy for any of us. The rent is too damn high, groceries are expensive AF is you want to eat to live, and if you have a car… pshh forget about it! But… I do believe in spending money on experience. If you know me… I love to travel and experience life from various points of view. So I felt it was only right to share an experience with you that I think was certainly worth spending some coin on.

Last week I saw Chance The Rapper for the 3rd time in a year. The first time I saw him was in 2016 at Made In America. At that point I knew/heard of him, listened to his mainstream radio tracks, but didn’t fully know/understand who Chance the Rapper really was. I did however leave that festival feeling all the feels, but I digress. The second time I saw him was this past June Governor’s ball. Let’s just say it was a much different experience than Made in America, because at this point I was enthralled in all things Chano.

Fast forward (or flash back depending on the mentality you have while reading this) to last week (I guess flack back makes more sense) and I’m beyond captivated. My third Chance live performance experience was at the “Be Inspired” NY stop at Forest Hills Stadium. I purchased these tickets back in June on the heels of seeing him perform at Governor’s Ball.


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I wanted to experience a true Chance show and not just see him as a performer at a festival. I also really wanted to meet him so… those VIP packages were calling my name (and my wallet). The overall experience was interesting to say the least. (coming from a high school teacher tirelessly spending 3 hours on line for meet and greet).

On line for the Chance Meet N’ Greet … hour #2 before the sun set

I didn’t love the choice of arena for a performer of Chance’s caliber. It was intimate I will say that, but it was also chaos. That… however is not why we are here. The experience itself isn’t what I want to share. I want to share the truly inspiring 5 reasons you need to see Chance The Rapper perform live.

5 Reasons You Need To See Chance the Rapper Perform Live

1. Live In The Moment: I have been to over 100 concerts (my first was Britney Spears back in 6th grade) and I almost always record the entire experience. And I can tell you… I have never ever not even once watched any of the footage. At all three Chance live performances I’ve attended I have created very minimal footage of the experience. This last one… I recorded NONE.

That is mostly because the arena was really not built for concerts … but in reality I didn’t feel the need/urge to. Attending a Chance concert helps remind you to appreciate the moment as it is happening to you. The same goes with the meet and greet. You aren’t allowed to bring in your own electronics (not even your own bag). Initially I was a bit annoyed/frustrated by this, but in reality it truly helped me enjoy the experience of meeting someone I admire greatly. Instead of being distracted by getting the perfect angle for Instagram or Snapchat I focused on what was happening around me and loved every second of it.

Attending a Chance the Rapper performance shouldn’t be the only reminder you have to live in the moment and appreciate your present life… but it is a great additive to have when experiencing music you love.

This is one of 3 pictures I took for the whole night.
                                Hate the picture… loved the moment!

2. Inspiration: If you don’t follow along with all things Chance let me tell you… first off you’re missing out. But secondly and most importantly Chance the Rapper is a true source of inspiration on and off the stage. But… on the stage it is an injection of pure inspiration from start to finish. The entire crowd in a sense becomes a family. Weird sounding I know… but the vibe that Chance’s music creates in a stadium setting is unmatched.

So much so that I bought a poster at the concert and hung it up in my classroom right next to the Bob Marley poster. Chance has now become the mayor of the classroom (Bobby is the king of the classroom) and reminds the students as well as myself to stay encouraged, be kind, gracious, and humble. All things that Chance encompasses, and all things that we need a little more of in this world.

3. Reminder To Be Thankful For Your Blessings: Again I state clearly and early… that you don’t have to only be reminded to b thankful for your blessings at a Chance The Rapper Concert. I am reminded in various aspects of life that I should always be thankful for your blessings.

But how great is it to receive a reminder of such a beautiful message when you are attending a performance with thousands of people around you. Thousands of people that are also receiving the same reminder that even though life’s toughest times, to be thankful for what it is you have and how far you’ve come.

It is more than just the life performance of a track from an album. Any artist can do that. Chance manages to bare his soul to the audience even further than he has on “Coloring Book”. Whether it is the different arrangements of tracks that allow for a more personal vibe, or the backdrop filled with images that make you want to smile, laugh, cry, scream…etc. Whatever it is… I find myself always just a bit more thankful for the things in life when I walk out of the doors of a Chance the Rapper experience.

4. Support A Good Cause… & A Good Person: First and foremost… I’m just gonna drop this here and I don’t care who it offends:

I am always rooting for everybody black, especially those who lay their talent bare for the world to see and it is worth watching. I go out of my way to support the culture because I believe in the value of black art. I’ve always regretted not being able to be a part of the magic that was Bob Marley, Michael Jackson…etc. And because of the fear of not being able to support and take part in the careers of my favorite artists I have seen Jay Z a total of 10 times in concert over the last 11 years. I have been to countless music festivals, concerts, shows and I will continue to do so. For me it is about supporting those that deserve support.

Does that mean that I only listen to black artists… no. Does that mean I only support black artists… no. But when it comes to supporting an artist that I see as a valuable asset to the black community I am all in 100%. Besides supporting a good cause, I am supporting a good person. I am rooting for Chance in all things that he does, we all are. And if that means putting a little extra coin in his pocket so he can do amazing things, or just buy diapers for Kensli I will. And you should too!

5. Experience Greatness: As I mentioned a little earlier, not being able to see Michael Jackson or Bob Marley perform live has been one of the greatest upsets in my life. (Okay… maybe I’m being a little dramatic) Those artists are staples in the music community, but also staples in the world even after their death.

Chance the Rapper is going to do amazing things. PERIOD. Whether you like his music or not (I know many of my friends don’t and that is okay) you can’t deny the level of talent and ingenuity it takes to have his career pan out the way it has. He did it his way, and continues to unapologetically do so.

That is how I view greatness. And if you have the opportunity you should absolutely take it. Seeing Chance the Rapper perform live will transform you, I promise. And if it doesn’t… at least you had 1.5 hours of dope music with dope people around you.

PS: I didn’t tell any of my friends that I met Chance the Rapper… this is how I’m testing if they actually read my posts (side eye)