*Updated: I got a period about a week after I wrote this post! That is four months in a row… Yay!!*

It is PCOS Awareness month so I decided to give my PCOS update. For those of you who are new to the blog you can recap my journey below. I’ve been updating you guys on my PCOS struggles and strides about once a year for a couple of reasons. Mainly I didn’t want the blog to become a sob story or turn it into something that appeared to be for profitable gain. My PCOS journey and struggle is absolutely personal and I share it with you because I want to increase awareness and assure women everywhere that they are not alone in dealing with this condition.

I always get nervous when I share an update because I don’t want people putting their faith in my methods or thinking I have some big reveal or miracle… because I don’t. All I have is my story and my journey and if you are still interested enough to stick around and hear more… than I am more than ready to start sharing.


Morning Routine With PCOS
Dating With PCOS
Living With PCOS
My Battle With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 

My 2016 PCOS Update: PCOS Awareness Month

GOOD NEWS: Let’s start with the good… I had a menstrual cycle three months in a row by following my morning routine (linked above). I went vegan back in February to see if that would help with balancing my hormones and get my cycle back on track. I also wanted to cut dairy and red meat out of my life and being Vegan was pretty much the only way I could ween myself off quickly. During the summer my vegan life came to a hault but I was happy to see that the morning routine was paying off. I couldn’t afford drinking that Fertility Tea regularly anymore although it also helped me have a regular cycle both in February and in March. (Organic Fertility Tea) I wasn’t trying to conceive and I felt that I needed to find another way… something I figured would work and not kill my pockets.

I went back to taking Vitex and paired it with Raspberry Red Leaf Pills (the main ingredient in the Organic Fertility Tea). I speak more about the decisions behind my morning routine in my Morning Routine video here.

THE NOT SO GOOD: Even though the morning routine is a bit cheaper than the Fertility Tea route in the long run, it still isn’t cheap or fiscally responsible. To top it off… as of right now my menstrual  cycle has not arrived. Over the past three months it has been exactly on time (which is a miracle in itself) and even though I experienced the tender breasts and ovulation symptoms, sad to say no bleeding has occurred. That leads me to believe that maybe this morning routine isn’t as effective as I thought it was, or my eating habits have gotten so far off the rocker that it had affected my progress negatively. That is the thing with PCOS… there is not one easy fit solution or cure, and just when you think you have it beat or figured out… it proves you wrong. It is frustrating. I try not to get my hopes up… but I do and then I’m sadly mistaken and let down by my body.

THE UGLY: So as of today I am actually thinking of going back on birth control which I haven’t been on since April of 2015. I struggled for a very long time to get some type of regularity after that and failed miserably until February 2016. I know birth control can have some adverse affects on the body and really isn’t the best solution for women with PCOS though it is highly recommended and prescribed by doctors. I’ve been draining my pockets with herbal natural remedies that aren’t working 100% of the time. As frustrating as it is, birth control is the most fiscally responsible option for me. I feel like by taking this route I am letting myself down and choosing an easy band aid solution. Even though I am not trying to conceive I consistently yearn for my body to just “do right by me” and it doesn’t.

At the end of the day PCOS is different for everyone. I count my blessings that the worst symptoms I suffer from are simply an infrequent and unpredictable menstrual cycle. I don’t have facial hair issues or problems with my weight (I work out 3-5 times a week to make sure I keep it that way) and I know those symptoms are usually women’s biggest hurdles. However PCOS has me beat this month and I’m just tired. I know I must keep fighting and I will… but it seems that this battle may not end well, but the war will end in my favor!

Have you ever heard of PCOS or know someone who suffers with it? Share your experiences and stories with us below! I’d love to hear them!

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2 Responses to My PCOS Update: PCOS Awareness Month

  1. Hello,

    I came across a youtube video you posted about “Inositol” which I recently became aware of to help with my PCOS. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago and I was devastated. For 5 years I took birth control and metformin (on and off) but came to a point where I knew it was time to stop masking the problem and try to take on a more holistic approach. Since August (2016) I have stopped taking birth control (I never took Metformin consistently so that wasn’t much of a challenge to give up). I can completely relate to you in terms of trying to taking care of your body on a budget. I was in Grad school from 2012-2015 and I’ve Interned for free and worked retail as I work towards my career goals. It’s definitely not feasible to relinquish the BC (especially since its a simple answer with very consistent results). Anyway, I wanted to write you to let you know that I really appreciate you posting videos and being transparent about your journey. I have taken a stand to do the same for myself and I am starting with the list of supplements you take for your morning routine (I have taken most of the vitamins you mentioned but Inositol is new for me). I hope you stay strong and don’t go back to taking the BC because you give me so much hope and you are doing so great! To be able to menstruate 8/12 times a year is phenomenal and a great accomplishment (in my eyes). I think you are awesome because you are doing whats BEST for your body even though its hard to do.

    Next month I turn 30 and my only wish is that I can find the strength, courage and determination to retrain my body to do what it was made to do. Thanks again and please continue to share 🙂 xoxo

    PS: A few areas I am curious about… 1) What you eat daily 2) How do you deal with sugar cravings? and 3) Did you ever deal with acne issues on your journey?

    • I just want to say thank you for watching and following along my journey. I’m so honored to help in anyway I can. Inositol I’ve been taking for a little over a year and I buy maybe 2-3 a year so it lasts a while. I truly appreciate you stopping by and leaving this comment you have no idea how much it means to me. I was so nervous to open up and share my story with PCOS and I’m glad it can help anyone battling the same fight. I wish you the absolute best of luck on your journey and I know you’ll find the strength courage and determination because you are not alone! I’m a vegan so my diet tends to consist of various greens (mostly lettuce and spinach), quinoa, sweet potato, lentils..etc. Sugar cravings are the absolute worst! I try to give up sugar completely 6-8 weeks out of the year and monitor it closely when I’m not completely off of sugar. It is hard but I find that monitoring is the easiest way instead of just denying yourself that makes it worse. I had severe acne when I was in high school that healed on its own, and now mostly I deal with back acne issues but I’ve gotten a great skin care routine for my face. For my body I use African Black Soap and that tends to help the most.