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Often when dealing with finances it can be a bit frustrating and stressful figuring out where to start or what to focus on. Money isn’t the easiest to manage when you’ve been used to doing it wrong for a very long time. And that my friends is why we are here. These five different money habits you can implement today do not have to all be done in one swoop. You can take a day, you can take a week, but whatever you do, take at least one to help you move towards your debt free journey. 


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money habits you can implement today

Money Habits You Can Implement Today 

1.Automate Your Bill Pay

Why this works: If you put your bills on automate you are avoiding several incidents that can end up costing you to lose more money. Automatic bill pay takes alot of the stress off of your memory (we’re all human and make a shit ton of mistakes). You avoid late fees, and know that your bills are being paid on time. This prevents your credit score from being impacted negatively which is also another plus! 

2. Keep $500 In Your Checking Account

Why this works: By keeping at least $500 dollars in your checking account you will build a safety net for yourself that helps to prevent those pesky overdraft fees from taking even more of your hard earned money. This also helps to give you an extra layer of peace of mind that you deserve!

3. Focus On One Debt

Why This Works: When I was paying off my student loan debt, I saved up enough money to cover the principal of that one particularly debt. That one debt was my focus throughout the entirety of the year. All my other student loan debts were on the back burner. Yes I paid them regularly but I did not make any extra efforts. 

In following this method I was able to see progress faster and feel better about my results. Lasering in and focusing one debt helps you keep your eye on the prize and attack the debt proactively.  

4. Ask how many work hours would it take to pay this off: 

Why This works: This is one of my favorite money habits you can implement today for several reasons. For starters this time of thinking and questioning helps you save money in the long run. I can’t even tell you how many times asking myself this question has helped me walk out of the store without making a purchase, or close that browser window with a full digital shopping cart. 

Think about how much money you are spending in any given time and just how long it will take you to recoup that money. If the amount of hours you have to spend at work to make that money back is far too great for the actual purchase… then it is really not worth it. 

5. Online Grocery Shopping

Why This works: What I like about online grocery shopping is that it makes me more mindful of what I’m putting into my cart, and also lets me see the price before I check out. Online grocery shopping also curbs my impulse purchases since I’m not walking by a ton of flashy things I know I don’t need but feel enticed to try. Many digital platforms have made it easier than ever to do so, and many stores haver followed suit with their own personal apps. 

I find it most helpful when theres an incentive like free shipping when I spend for a certain amount, because this way I can stock my cart with things I need, but be forced to wait until I reach the free delivery threshold. By the time that moment occurs, I find that 9/10 I didn’t need what I thought I needed in the first place. 

money saving challenge

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