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Millennials it is time to face the stone cold facts that we are no longer the new kids on the block, and Gen Z is in full effect. That means as we gracefully bow out of the limelight (I refuse to transition into old age as roughly as the baby boomers did) we have to get a hold of our finances for real for real. 

Most of us have officially transitioned into our 30s and that means readjusting how we look at our finances in a more mature and certainly responsible manner. This means we are going to sit you down right now and go over a very particular set of money mistakes to avoid in your 30s. 

The more prepared you are (even if you’re lucky enough not to be in your 30s just yet) the more likely your 30s will go a lot smoother than your 20s did. At least budget wise… can’t help you with your love life or whatever… but money I totally got you.


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money mistakes to avoid in your 30s

10 Money Mistakes To Avoid In your 30s

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