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In 2019 we can pay for merchandise with our phones, turn off our lights with our voices and send money digitally with a scan of our faces. All of these technological advances, though phenomenally helpful, also have opened us up to a string of ill intentioned scammers. This means that we have to be more alert than ever, when it comes to how we handle our money, where we store our money, and how we give people access to our money.


Money Habits You Can Implement Today
How To Buy A Car Without Getting Scammed 

Just because scammers are out in full speed, doesn’t mean you have to live your life in fear or be weary 24/7. It does require you to be cautious, and knowledgeable of what’s going on. Knowing is half the battle when you’re trying to actively avoid being scammed out of your hard earned money! Let’s not forget scammers don’t usually stop at attacking your finances either, they also like to go for your identity too! These top scams mentioned in the video below have been running rampant in 2019, and now that you’ll be more aware you’ll also know the signs to look for and avoid! 


money scams to avoid

Top Money Scams To Avoid In 2019 

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