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Why I’m Focused On Improving My Credit

Let me backtrack before moving forward. I moved out of my parent’s house at the beginning of this year and have been on my own for about ten months. In that time, I have learned several things about adulting that I knew I’d ever have to pay attention to whatsoever. One of those key adulting moments was paying attention to my credit score even after I was approved for a mortgage and closed on my home. 

improving my credit

Even though I paid off all of my student loans, received great rates, and moved on my own, I was shocked to see that my credit score had in fact dropped. There were things I didn’t understand, and I became instantly frustrated. I worked so hard to be a part of the 800 and up club, so taking on this new responsibility that I thought was a positive turned out to create some bumps in the road towards my ideal dream credit score and future goals. 

What I knew for sure, especially in my new found adultness, was that I couldn’t just sit and sulk about not having the credit score that I wanted. I wanted to take actionable steps and learn more about my credit before making any more major life-changing decisions. As the leading provider of credit report repair services, gave me the opportunity to chat with a team of credit professionals that could educate me about the appropriate steps I’d have to take to get to the score I want. 

improving my credit

Let’s not forget that it is 2019, so I appreciate the fact that besides the human professionals, also has an interactive personalized online dashboard so I can keep track of my credit score, take note of any creditor and bureau interactions, as well as get text and email alerts.  The credit monitoring on the mobile app is my favorite aspect of their technological supports because it helps me stay on top of any changes at any given time. 

So even though I was able to have an 830 credit score prior to moving, your credit score is not written in stone. It takes several proactive effortful steps to truly stay on top of the game. Harping over what once was isn’t going to help me get back there, and if I want to continue making big boss moves (which I absolutely intend on doing), I have to keep the end goal in mind. 

improving my credit

I hope to start investing in more real estate and having better credit will help me save thousands of dollars in the long run on high-interest rates. is out to help not just me, but anyone looking to gain a kickstart on their credit repair efforts with a free consultation to help get and keep your head in the credit repair game.  

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