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Welcome welcome welcome, back at it again with more ways for you to make actual coin side hustling instead of wasting your precious time. A few months ago I curated a list of ten high paying side hustles you could start immediately from the comfort of your own home. Now we’re upping the ante and going full fledged into 10 high paying side hustles for people with anxiety. Because let’s face it… although us introverts with social anxiety love making extra coin, going outside can be too much  of a stimulus for us from time to time. (speaking for myself of course) money saving challenge


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I like to think of myself as an extroverted introvert. Meaning, I will be extroverted when absolutely forced to, but I will hate every single minute of it and will think about all of the awkward moments I created long after they are through. Because of this, and my career of choice (I’m a teacher), people seem to think that I am an actual extrovert who loves talking and interacting with groups of people .

However that is false. I enjoy shopping online far more than in store for that particular reason, and when I am forced to shop in store I either go right when a store opens or when it is about to close… no in between. This way I capitalize on minimal human interaction. Yup… that’s how intense that can get. 

Because of this most of the side hustles I like to partake in… allow me to keep my socially anxious behind at home and still make money like all the extroverts out there getting their Uber Eats and Air BNB on. I simply… can not! 

side hustles for people with anxiety

10 High Paying Side Hustles For People With Anxiety

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