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My Morning Routine With PCOS

I’ve shared quite a bit about my PCOS journey over the last two years and with each layer peeled back I begin to feel more and more comfortable talking about my condition. This year instead of doing another written post, I decided to update my journey by showing my updated morning routine. Things have changed up quite a bit (while some things are still the same) since I am now a full time Vegan. I’ve changed up my eating habits, my exercise regimen so it would only make sense that I had to adapt my morning routine.

Morning time with PCOS is a crucial time to make sure you get everything right for the most part, or it could unintentionally ruin the rest of your day. I like to take my vitamins and minerals within the first hour of being awake as I feel as that is when they are most effective and can carry me through the rest of the day. There are times (especially during the weekend) where I stray and end up taking them early to mid afternoon, but for the most part I’m pretty good about keeping up with a routined schedule.


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I take about 6-8 vitamins/minerals (depending on the day and what I have in stock at the time) a day. Whew I know it sounds like a lot, and I’m sure it would be much easier and cheaper (I spend well over 60 bucks every 1-3 months with this routine) to take Metformin and birth control but I didn’t want to simply have meds “fix” the problem without really addressing the issues. Taking birth control doesn’t help my body truly menstruate on its own. Although I understand taking these vitamins/minerals are also aiding my body to do what it can’t do on its own, its more comforting to me mentally to know that I can menstruate without “controlling birth”. This way when I do decide it is time for me to have a baby, my body will be more inclined to do so.

In the video below I run through the list of vitamins and minerals I take and where to get them. Again I do recommend speaking to your doctor first before making any final decisions. You also need to do what is best for your budget. A lot of these vitamins are not cheap and can be a pain in the butt to find at times. Therefore really stop and think whether your doctor thinks you’re in tip top shape to go this route (I stay on top of my annual and semi annual visits consistently) or if your wallet will allow such.


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