It is officially music festival season and we couldn’t think of a better way to dive in, than to give you a how to easily survive music festivals guide. With Coachella over and done with, we’ve still got a ton of festivals on the horizon! But… before you dive in to your full festival mode, there are some crucial things you need to know. It can be daunting especially if it is your first full fledged music festival. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered on all things that will make your festival experience fun while still being super prepared.


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Music Festival Survival Guide

How To: Music Festival Survival Guide

1. Pack A Mini Portable Bag: I personally whole heartedly highly recommend a book bag of some sorts. Some people prefer fanny packs, and that’s fine if that fits your aesthetic, but fanny packs aren’t big enough to hold my life in. While I don’t recommend bringing a huge shoulder bag, and definitely not a duffle bag, you are going to need something convenient that won’t be annoying and won’t get in the way. A book bag should do the trick, or a satchel. I find that the satchel works best for me because I prefer for my belongings to be in front of me as opposed to behind me when in large crowds. Either way… bring a bag that has your personal survival essentials in it (make sure you double check the festival guidelines on bringing in food, water and other personal items)

2. Bring A Portable Charger: I can’t tell you how fast your battery will die while you’re in the middle of an amazing set. Instagram, Snapchat and whatever other social media platform you use drain your battery… that we already know. And for some reason (and I haven’t scientifically proven it yet but I’m working on it) at a music festival your battery drains twice as fast. I often find that I also have terrible service at music festivals even though we’re outside. This is probably because tens of thousands of people are all using the same towers, and the free wifi that is usually provided is trash. So I say all of that to say this… bring a portable charger that can give you one full charge. My Anker charger from Amazon ran me 13 bucks and has been a godsend through several music festivals. If you’re lucky the festival will provide portable charging stations where all you’ll need is a wire OR in some cases (like at Made in America last year) they actually gave out portable chargers.

3. Stay hydrated: I’ve been to several music festivals and I’ve been dehydrated at just about each one. Usually I see this as  godsend because I don’t want to use those disgusting Port O Potties but it is actually super unhealthy and dangerous. Being dehydrated at a crowded hot festival is grounds for passing out and ending up in the hospital. Thankfully this hasn’t;t happened to me, but I have seen it happen to plenty of people. Yes going to the bathroom frequently sucks, and losing your dope spot by the stage is annoying… but you still need to stay hydrated. Most music festivals will have water stations that you can drink from or fill up empty bottles. I suggest you bring an empty water bottle (most festivals make you toss or empty any open bottles / and sometimes closed bottles too) and refill at these stations to stay hydrated.

4. Have a meet up spot: My first music festival back in 2013 my friend and I did not have a meet up spot, nor did we have a portable charger. Needless to say I almost passed out right before Beyonce’s set at Made In America and left the crowd to get some air. We were separated, with no phones and no meeting spot. After about an hour of searching (during the Beyonce set might I add) we found each other and besides being pissed about losing our dope spots in the crowd, we were upset we didn’t think to have a meet up spot in case of emergency. From that moment on I always set one up right when we enter the festival. The buddy system only works if you can find your buddy… so choose a designated area to meet up.

5. Know your Limits: I had to add this one after seeing a girl pass out and start seizing on the floor during the Tory Lanes set at Made In America last year. We all know that no matter how well the security pat down people at the front gates, that people are going to sneak in alcohol and drugs. Thats a given that comes with the territory. However… if you are going to partake in recreational alcohol and drug use (and I’m not condoning either… but we’re all adults here) KNOW YOUR LIMITS. Trust your instinct and don’t take anything from other people. Strangers become really close and acquainted at festivals… it’s just the nature of the atmosphere. However don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation or take something you’ve never tried… because with crowded and hot conditions substances are elevated times ten it seems. By all means have a blast go to your limits… but don’t surpass them. We all want to go home safely at the end of the night.

6. Buy VIP: This is new for me and let me explain. You don’t need to buy VIP tickets to enjoy or survive a music festival. But as I get older (I’m turning 29 this year… ahhh) I realize that I’m on the older end of the spectrum when it comes to music festival attendants. Last year I got so tired at Made In America I associated it with age. If you are on the older end of the spectrum, you may have more fun or survive with ease in a VIP atmosphere of a festival that provides several perks that you admire and enjoy more. I’ll be attending Governors Ball next weekend and VIP ensures bathrooms (no Port O Potties for me), charging stations, open bar, a masseuse and more. So yes I do plan on enjoying several of the General Admission fun that comes at festivals, it is nice to have a much calmer VIP option to run to when I just can’t keep up with the younger generation.

7. Enjoy The Actual Show : I’m a huge people watcher at festivals and nothing is more frustrating and annoying to see phones in the air Snapping and Instagramming the entire set. Put the phone down after your initial snap, and actually enjoy the show. Enjoy the music of artists you may have never heard of before. That is the whole point of this. Be present in the moment and enjoy a day of a lifetime.

8. Be Hygenic: Uh this one should go without saying but… in your little fanny pack or book bag, bring some freaking moist toilettes and deodorant. Remember we are all crammed together in a usually warm environment dancing, jumping around and causing a bit of sweat and funk to ensue. Be conscious of your surroundings and how you may be affecting it. Don’t spit, don’t pee, don’t throw up (if you can help it) around others because honestly it’s just effing gross and no one wants to see that !

What’s the last music festival you went to and how did you survive? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below and if you see me and Shakira next week at Governor’s Ball don’t be afraid to come up and say hello!