Must See Places To Visit In Toronto

I’ve just taken my 8th and final trip for the 2018 calendar year (here’s how I did it)… and I am freaking exhausted. When I started out on this journey of increased travel… I never imagined just how tiring it would be. But… I can say without a doubt 2018 has been a year or growth and adventure and every trip I’ve taken has been a blessing and learning experience.

I always know I have a great time visiting a place when I have very little footage of it. I’m not the best vlogger/photographer (I write… that’s just what I do mann) so I’ve really pushed myself to share my traveling experiences more this year. This means that I’ve had to be less in the moment, and more planning the moment digitally in order to get that sick Instagram shot. With this trip… I didn’t do that at all. So I apologize in advance if my photos aren’t top notch… I did my best. Here’s what you can look forward to doing/visiting when taking a trip to Toronto.


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8 Must See Places To Visit In Toronto

1. The CN Tower: This is an obvious given! The CN tower is one of the staples of Toronto and if you are going to visit the 6 it’s only right that you see it. I mean c’mon it was on the freakig Drake album cover! We went on a Saturday and made it up to the top in about 15 minutes with pretty much no wait time. It’ll cost you about 35 Canadian dollars to get to the observatory deck. We didn’t do any of the extras 1) because it was cold as hell 2) the main observatory deck gave us the right amount of #Views that we needed.

I wil say (and I aint no hater) that NYC and Chicago still have two of the best skylines, and observatory views (Empire State Building for NYC and the Sears Tower in Chi Town). #FightMe

2. Casa Loma: It’s pretty much a pretty castle with gardens around it. If you’re going for a particular lifestyle aesthetic on Instagram (which everyone essentially is) then you’ll definitely want to pay a stop here. We didn’t go inside as we were advised by some Toronto natives that it’s really boring/ museum like inside. So we skipped purchasing a ticket and just enjoyed the view from the outside.


3. Queen Street: Queen Street is where you go when you want to be mixy in Toronto. It’s a street with all of the youngins, tons of shops, bars, and restaurants to attend to. It’s also home to their famous Graffitti street/alley which makes an appearance on this list further down.

4. Rage Room: Okay so this isn’t something thats proprietary to just Toronto because we do have Rage Rooms all over the US (particularly in NYC). I’ve wanted to go to one for quite some time, so while in Toronto we found one that was about 20 minutes from where we were. If it looks like we’re about to take place in the Purge… that’s what it felt like and it was awesome. A Rage room is essentially a room of old things and breakable things that you can smash into pieces with bats and crow bars. Depending on the price you pick you get a different amount of items. We paid about 30 US dollars and smashed up forty medium sized items, and two large items (a fax machine and DVD player). It was so dope and so much fun. The people at Battle Sports were so nice and accommodating. You get to make a playlist for you to smash shit up, and you have an option to buy the video footage (no audio though) for 13 Canadian bucks.

If you do go totally ask for Jem. She is the and will answer any questions you have. Also prepare to have an adrenaline rush when you are done… your hands will be rattling post raging but it’s so worth it!

5. Hollywood Cone: They have some sick milkshake options and they all look so good. Once you walk in it can be a bit intimidating (they have like three pages of menu to choose from) but the staff is really nice and patient. They walk you through the painless process (totally being dramatic it’s like 1 minute) and then you can enjoy the old school vibes in the store. You can take a pic with a few props on their red carpet or play video games (Pacman anyone) while you wait for your concoction to come to fruition.

6. St Lawrence Market: The weather was a little iffy when we went so we didn’t get to really spend much time visiting outdoor functions but St. Lawrence Market has some great hipster millennial friendly stuff for you to sink your hands on.

7. Graffiti Alley: I totally wish we has gone to Graffiti alley in the day because I love street art and we would’ve gotten some really dope pictures. I am happy to have seen it though. We even saw an artist tagging up a wall live as we walked by. Do be careful though… we tried to take a picture in a less than lit up area and it smelled like urine… so it’s safe to say I probably stepped in urine since I couldn’t really see much.

8. Stockyards: This was such a last minute find and one of the reasons I will always love the internet. I am a major fan of chicken and waffles so i like to try them just about every where I go (like seriously… I’ve tried them in London… I’ll try them anywhere). The wait at Stockyards can get a little long but you’re in for a treat because the food and service is amazing. And yes… the chicken and waffles were delicious! A must visit when you’re in town if you value your stomach having really good food (no alcohol service here though.. sorry bottomless brunchers this aint it)

And I’m out… signing out from plane hash tagging #TakeMeBack on Insta !

Til’ Next Time,