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This summer has been one of the best summers I’ve experienced in a long time. I purposely set off at the beginning of the summer to stay as busy as possible doing things that I love or always wanted to do.  I also wanted to get a few places off my bucket list. Traveling to DC was one of them, especially with this being President Obama’s last summer there. So here’s my re-cap of my trip to DC, which consisted pretty much of waffles and being as touristy as possible.

My Trip To DC: Waffles & The White House

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I was in DC for about four days although… it was really 2.5 because I got there super late (the traffic was insane) and left pretty early on my fourth day (to make sure I the traffic on the way home). I seemed to have underestimated how close the DMV really is to each other so I actually got a 3 for 1 in this visit, as I saw a football game in Maryland, and got with my Uber driver into Virginia (that was quite an experience).  I stayed at the Holiday Inn Capitol which was pretty much in walking distance to all the sights I wanted to see. However… I am kind of indifferent to that particular hotel. It didn’t really WOW me (though I think my standards were severely raised by the hotel in London) but it didn’t have any particular issues either. I got a raw steak at their restaurant… which surprised me a bit but, the staff was friendly enough to not irk me, and the service was suffice. I do think their 40.00 a DAY parking fee is enormously disproportional to the hotel itself as well as the shabby tiny parking spots they provide in the garage. If I did better research (which you alway should do especially when on a budget), I would have looked up a hotel that had complimentary parking or try to find parking on the street. Either way… you live and you learn.

But now on to the fun stuff… what did I do?

I set out to see all of the DC touristy stuff that I see in movies up close and personal. Also I was DYING to see the MLK monument in the flesh… or in the stone. I also have an odd affection for trying chicken and waffles wherever I am… so that was definitely on the agenda (sigh… what will I do when I’m a vegan again!). My first stop on my first full day was Willie’s Waffles.  Can I just say… I was extremely disappointed and underwhelmed, which is a shame because it comes so highly rated. I’ve come to realize that most chicken and waffle spots are usually good at one or the other. I haven’t found a spot that has amazed me in both respects… and thats okay because the overall meal is usually still yummy. Unfortunately… can’t say that here for Willie’s Waffles. The chicken was a big grease bucket, that was placed on to the waffle and smooshed down a good quarter of it. The oil/heat sopped up into that corner so quickly that the waffle went flat… like… paper thin flat. I had to peel the waffle off of the container. Meh… which wouldn’t be so bad if the flavors were at least on par. Fail again… so I’ll just leave it at that… Willie’s Waffles did not live up to the hype.


After unsatisfactorily stuffing my face it was time to walk off the pounds. And boy did I… 20,000 steps later I was face to face with the White House, the Washington Monument (which was my second favorite obsession of the trip), the Lincoln Memorial, and of course the MLK monument. I’m not going to lie… emotions ran through me a bit being in the presence of this magnanimous monument. The pictures don’t do it justice. The aura around the monument was enough to make me tear bit (under my glasses of course). Just the mere fact that this statue even exists, and seeing people flock to it in admiration made my day complete. I didn’t even feel like doing a thing after that… it just felt complete.

my trip to DC

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I also really loved the World War II Memorial. It felt peaceful and had so many artistic pieces I was drawn too. Of course my favorite is a quote… very apropo to who I am as a person.

My trip to DC

After my long first day of sight seeing I wanted a hefty meal and I wanted it to be GOOD! Carmine’s to the rescue! I love Italian… but as a part time Vegan I often don’t get the best opportunity to have it. I was pleased to say the least and those big portions never disappoint. It was an early night in for me after that, because I am OLD and get tired super easy now! Take 2 of my explorations landed me at Lincoln’s Waffles. This Chicken and waffle spot, also highly recommended and rated was much better than the previous. I was shocked to see that it was a Chinese run restaurant. My thoughts… the chicken tasted like regular Chinese Chicken I can pick up in Brooklyn, and the waffle looked like a giant Eggo. It did however taste better than the previous waffle. Overall I’m underwhelmed with DC’s chicken and waffle selection but certainly not underwhelmed with the city itself.

After breakfast I took to the Archives and got to see the original Declaration of Independence and Constitution (sorry … no pictures allowed in that museum). I’m not a huge fan of history as a subject… but I love knowing trivia and fun facts. So I enjoyed just learning new things or re-learning old things I already knew about our country.

my trip to DC

Overall Thoughts: I like DC a lot. Wouldn’t say I love it because I experienced it only as a tourist in one central location, that surely does not give the entire spectrum of what the city is really like. In search of gas station I got a much better view of what it is like to live in true DC and not just the surrounding areas of the White House.  Surprisingly it was pretty similar to NYC (which we all know I love) except for the presence of the southern accent and the oddly organized streets (letters and numbers). I also had a pretty bomb Ice Cream Sandwich (another infatuation of mine) so that was the perfect way to end the experience. DC may be a place I re-visit in the future after I’ve explored other areas of the country and that is a good sign. There are some places I visit… that I know will be my first and last, and there are other places like DC that capture a little piece of me that I know I’ll want to come back and pick up. I recommend taking a short trip to visit DC (no more than 2-3 days) to really see what it is all about.
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