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It is a common misconception that being on a budget or being frugal means that you only buy cheap or initiation items. That my friends is absolutely false! Being on a budget does not have to be such a dirty word or concept. In fact being on a budget means you are smart,  and that you make great shopping/money spending decision. 

I love quality items, and I’ve never been one to shy away from name brand items for certain things in my life. Fast fashion can only take you so far, and although I am a major fan of stores/sites like Pretty Little Thing or Forever 21, I know that I like my running shoes to be name brand. Why? Because I have terrible knees, and workout 5-6 times a week including heavy running/cardio. That means I need the support and quality that I know brands like Nike provide. However my wallet as well as my self are very aware that the Nike price doesn’t always play so nice with your budget limitations. 

Does that mean that I skimp out on getting Nike and stop my workouts? No! That means I get a little smarter and figure out how to make my money work for me. 

name brand for free

How To Get Name Brand For Free Or For Cheap

I know that everyone is sick and tired of hearing about cash back apps (there are so many of them out now it is crazy) especially Ebates. However in this video below I’m showing you how I got a 55.00 dollar pair of Converses for 22.00 dollars and a pair of 110.00 Nike running sneakers for FREE! You read the right! Not on discount, not on sale, for completely free! 

It’s all about using these apps in tandem with each other in the best way possible! 


1) Ebates

2) Dosh

3) Drop

4) Receipt Hog

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