A few weeks ago Trials N’ Tresses reached a huge milestone and while I was too busy to truly celebrate beyond just a few tears, I do think the best form of celebration is to pay it forward. What that means is sharing all the tid bits that made it possible to reach one million page views, and so you can do the same in a much more organized fashion. So here are a few of the tips and tricks I used to reach one million page views in 2 years.

 How I Reached One Million Page Views In 2 Years + You Can Too 

Okay… so here’s a bit of background info on TNT. We (and by we I mean my partner and I… some people don’t realize its two of us behind the magic!) started Trials N’ Tresses in May of 2013 (I know what you’re thinking wait… then it took me 3 years right?) Wrong . Bare with me… We started Trials N’ Tresses in May of 2013 with a poorly created/designed/ and coded personalized theme. For our entire first year, we struggled to keep the site up and running properly. While we gained popularity and traffic, our server wasn’t strong enough to carry the weight, and we suffered several crashes that cost us plenty of traffic consistently. Then the worst of the worst happened… our site DIED! And no… I’m really not being dramatic, something went haywire and our site was down for 6 weeks at the worst possible time. We were in the middle of planning our very first event, gaining great google search/ranking, and I had just learned about/ installed Google Analytics a few weeks prior.

And boom…. one evening while trying to update a post the site just went DOWN and nothing I did could bring it back to life. Even with back ups, all my attempts were in vain. We had to hire a new graphic designer/programmer to basically create our site over from scratch. We lost everything because of a virus/malware that somehow made its way through our hosting and attached to one of our posts. When we transferred everything over to the newly created site, the infected post caused it to crash as well. Worst thing was… we had over 800 posts and could not find which post was individually causing the problem.

So this means that all of our data/statistics that we acquired via Jetpack was lost, and we only had a few weeks worth of traffic information on Google Analytics. Talk about a bummer! Once the site was back up we were starting from scratch in regards to Google ranking and SEO. This is where I took the reigns and decided that I wouldn’t take a year to get back to where we were before. I was dedicated and motivated in moving us forward 10xs as fast and the RIGHT way! At least the right way that worked for us. And this is what we did to reach one million page views authentically.

1. Consistent Content:

This is by far the most important part of reaching any blogging success or milestone. You have to post content consistently for many reasons. One it helps with Google ranking and SEO. The more you post the more spiders will crawl your site (more on that in another post).  And I don’t just mean post a whole bunch of nothing, but post good quality content. When we started Trials N’ Tresses we were posting things that didn’t align with our niche or brand because we wanted to consistently post. Then when we scaled back on multiple posts a day we were only releasing a few blog posts a month. There was a point when I was blogging 6-7 times a week, and it was tiring. Now we post 2-4 times a week with consistent quality content that fits the brand we envisioned.

2. Build An Engaged Social Media Audience:

This is easier said than done. Building a social media presence can be daunting and annoying. Especially if you are still trying to figure out your niche or your voice. Once you’ve figured out those two aspects of blogging, you are going to want to start interacting and engaging with people who are interested in what you have to offer. It is important to share more than just your posts on social media. You want to figure out a pattern of posts (quotes, OOTD, daily meals…etc) and schedule a good amount of posts to go live even when you are busy handling other things. With all of the things yo are going to be busy doing you are going to want to invest in a good scheduling app/program. I particularly use Buffer Facebook and Twitter, Tailwind for Pinterest. You can start out with the free plans on each of these programs and work your way up whenever you feel comfortable/ready to do so.

3. Advertise:

This can be a bit tricky, especially when you are starting off and not making any money just yet. Sometimes you really have to go out and get the traffic before it becomes fully organic. Especially if you are a new blogger that is also trying to build your social media presence and mailing list (see tip below). Advertising on Facebook/ Twitter and Instagram are the easiest go to method for advertising your posts and products. It is also important to take note that some influencers sell ad space on their social media platforms that can be purchased as one or a bulk package. Finding the right influencer in your niche can make all the difference in how quickly you start seeing those page views transform into dollars. Don’t shy away from ads and think that you are selling out or cheating.

4. Build A Mailing List + Use It:

With ever changing algorithms and rules on social media, you want to take the time to invest in properly building up, maintaining and using your subscription mailing list. Why? Because Facebook or Instagram can pull the plug on you outlet at any time and disconnect you from your audience. Your email list, however is yours forever!

We use Convert Kit as the source of our mailing list. Also you want to use your mailing list appropriately. No one wants their emails bombarded on a daily basis with information they really aren’t 100 percent interested in hearing about all of the time. You also don’t want to email so infrequently that people forget who you are, or why they subscribed to you in the first place. You want to find a nice sweet spot for you and your subscribers that keep your content consistently in front of them, while making them want to remain subscribed to you for more information. Your mailing list will also be your best bet in securing leads to whatever product you may decide to sell as well.

5. Collaborate: 

Blogging should not be a lonely hobby/job and it definitely doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Finding other bloggers that are in your niche or similar niche is really a matter of signing in to any social media platform and typing in a related keyword/ hashtag. When I started blogging over three years ago I was pulling at straws, and had no real direction. Now with much more experience and knowledge under my belt, I am in the comfort of more collaboration than ever. Collaboration can be as simple as joining a Facebook group, or Pinterest group. To take it one step further you can reach out to host giveaways, guest posts, or social media takeovers. These are all ways of getting your content and your brand in front of other eyes that are interested in what you have to offer. This also helps increase the learning curve so you don’t have to make as many mistakes as you might early on.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and go out on a lim. This may very well put you in the right place to expand your blog/brand and network with tons of new faces.

If you are looking for a bit more help/guidance on building the traffic to your blog sign up for our quick Blogger Bootcamp session. During bootcamp we will be sharing 7 real ways we used to increase our blog traffic and social media presence in detail!! Sign up here now! 

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11 Responses to Blogger Tip Thursday: How I Reached One Million Page Views In 2 Years

  1. Hi T&T, thanks for sharing your story and tips on starting your blog and building it out all over again. I know you’re glad to have that experience in your past. Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on having a blog tab on a e-commerce site vs. having them as stand alone web and blog sites?


  2. Thanks for sharing! I’ve just started blogging a few months ago, and have to admit, even after all the research I’ve been doing I can’t seem to figure out some things. I’m sure it’s easy and I’m just making it harder than it is.


  3. Thanks for sharing your story! How inspirational and some great tips on how to build a great platform that connects with your readers. I agree with point 5, collaboration is key and building those relationships early on!