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Saving money isn’t always easy when you’ve got a ton of financial responsibilities that you have to handle. However there will never be an excuse for leaving money on the floor. What that means is if you’re overlooking ways to make or save money, than you you’re not doing all you should be and could be doing to reach the financial freedom you deserve.


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Five Overlooked Ways To Save Money

1. Cash Back Apps

I know I know you’re probably sick of me talking about how amazing cash back apps are but that’s because they really are. There is no reason you should be shopping and spending your hard earned money without getting some of it back in return. You deserve to be rewarded for your shopping, and these cash back apps make it easy to do so. Especially when you use them in combination with each other. I use Receipt Hog, Ebates and Dosh in conjunction with one another to get the most bang for my buck. Don’t spend any more of your coin until you secure your cash back for your regular shopping efforts.

2.  Check Your Insurance Policies

I recently bundled my car insurance and home owner’s insurance on StateFarm. In doing so, I was able to receive a substantial savings on my car insurance that I just wasn’t achieving when I was a Geico and Progressive customer. Both companies were steadily increasing my monthly payments every single time I received a renewal policy. If you don’t look around and shop for the best deals you’ll be stuck with the same high rates forever. The best route to take is to search through all of the various companies to see if they will offer you similar or better coverage (which State Farm did) for a lower price. You also want to try using a local agent, who can usually offer you discounts that the regular website can’t.

3. Cancel Unused Subscriptions

I tend to avoid subscription services all together (my fear of commitment is real ya’ll). But I do have a few, and I’m sure you have a few too (or even more than a few). Chances are you aren’t using all of the subscriptions that you have, but you certainly are still paying for them whether they are monthly or annual subscription costs. People use TRIM or other similar apps and they all have the same outcome. They scrub your digital existence essentially to see what you’re subscribed to and how often you use it, if at all. Then they recommend you get rid of the services that you aren’t using to their full potential.

4. Adjust your thermostat

If you are a homeowner chances are, you are paying more than you really need to when it comes to heating and cooling. In true fashion, technology has come to the rescue to help solve much of this issue. Many items like the NEST thermostat help you control the heating and cooling of your home from your smart device. This can especially save you coin when you are not home and don’t need the thermostat to be working on overdrive. Simply changing the temperature by a few degrees can make all the difference.

5. Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Similar to the NEST thermostat, you can cut more costs in your home life by switching to energy efficient LED light bulbs. I’m going to be paying for electricity for the first time on my own in my new home, best believe I’m taking all the routes necessary to keep that bill as low as possible (especially in the winter and summer when they tend to spike the most). You can also choose to get smart bulbs if you’re working on making your home a smart friendly environment (which I slowly but surely am doing as well).

Which one of these five overlooked ways to save money will you be slowly but surely adding into your financial repertoire? Share with us in the comments below!

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