Thank you for sponsoring this post.’s team understands that a credit score is not just a number; it’s a lifestyle.

It has officially been one year since I closed on my first home and I am beyond words. I’ve had quite the adulting experience in the last 365 days, and now that I have made one full trip around the sun as a homeowner I still am fully ready to admit I have so much more to learn.

Back in October, I shared with you (Why I’m Focused On Improving My Credit) that my credit score dropped from 840 to the high 700s after I closed. As someone who is on a journey to reach the perfect credit score, it was extremely frustrating, especially with all that I thought I knew about how credit and credit scores work. This was one of the main reasons I wanted to use as a source of increasing my knowledge about the ins and outs of credit.  As a leading provider of credit report repair services in the United States, I was excited to be in the hands of a team of credit professionals who educate and empower individuals to achieve the credit scores that we deserve.

With all of that being said, I’ve got a credit update for y’all! Many of you have been enjoying my credit updates both on social media and here on the blog, so I thought it only right to come back with an update on my experience using 

Heading into my initial consultation with a credit advisor I had several short-term and long-term goals in mind on what I wanted my credit to look like in the upcoming months, and how I wanted to handle my credit score in the upcoming year as a homeowner.


My Journey To A Perfect Credit Score


When I started on my credit journey with I had a few short and long term goals in mind.

  • Increase my credit score back into the 800’s club. Overall having a better credit score puts you in better shape to save thousands on interest rates. That was one of the reasons I was able to seal a very competitive interest rate on my mortgage. Besides that, having my credit score above 800 really meant/means a lot to me and made me feel like a member of some elite credit score club. Because I’ve worked so hard to maintain a good credit score, having it dropped and be so impacted by a decision I saw as responsible didn’t sit right with me at all.
  • Lower my credit card use (overall use my credit card far less) and keep the utilization low as well. I wanted to avoid large balances and definitely did not want to take a balance into the following month if I could help it. While remodeling my bathroom in the summer I fell into that trap briefly, and did not want to make it a habit.
  • Pay closer attention to my revolving credit and how it impacted my credit score on a regular basis. I wanted a way to easily monitor my open accounts and make sure that there was nothing popping up on my credit report that would impact my credit score in a negative way. That meant more due diligence on my part instead of assuming everything was as it should be. 


  • In tackling my first goal had on and working with I started to shift my thinking around what my credit score really means. Though I am always motivated to keep my credit score in tip-top shape, I found it more effective to focus on keeping my credit score healthy, rather than focusing on any one specific or particular number. Having my credit score drop a few points wouldn’t kill me. helped me focus on what I could do to actively fix my credit without making me feel that I was only defined by my credit score. After all, your credit score is not written in stone, and we are more than just a credit score. 
  • Your credit score is calculated by taking several factors into consideration and credit utilization is one of them. The app provides texts and email alerts to help keep me honest when it comes to what I’m doing and how it’s affecting my credit score goals.  
  • Tracking my credit can be a bit cumbersome and for the most part unpleasant. That is why my last goal has always been so difficult for me. But in the age of technology, has aimed to ease a lot of the tiring antiquated methods of keeping an eye on your credit. The online personal dashboard allowed me to track my credit score, analyze the impacts of my decisions with my money, and view creditor/ bureau interactions: ALL FROM MY PHONE! I don’t know about you but I go everywhere with my phone and use it for 96% of my lifetime activities. The made goal #3 a breeze.

perfect credit score


Living a financially fit life is not for the faint of heart, and that is why a little help can go a long way to live a credit healthy lifestyle. I’d love to say I know it all, but the truth is I don’t. Being financially literate can be difficult but is worth it when it comes to living that financially free life I strive for. I’m thoroughly happy with my experience with and feel more aware of how simple steps and changes can make a big difference on my credit score and get me right back to where I know I deserve to be.