In 2017 I wanted to start to steer Trials N’ Tresses into a slightly different direction by bringing you more so on a journey of our lives. Not saying we are the most interesting people on the planet, but it is easy to get lost in the sauce of blogging and lose your focus. So I’ve decided to bring more lifestyle and real life issues to the forefront, without leaving you fully abandoned on hair care issues. I’ll write a whole separate post about it at a later date, but for now if you notice less hair and more life… that is why!


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I couldn’t think of a better way to initiate this transition then to provide an update on life with PCOS.  2016 had its shares of ups and downs, but what I can say is that 2016 was certainly good to me in regards to battling PCOS. There certainly were frustrating moments, but anyone with PCOS can attest to just how amazing those miraculous moments can make you feel when they do happen.


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I attest much of the successes I had with PCOS on a few things that I go into a bit more detail on in the video below. Mainly besides doing my research I started speaking to my  doctor more frequently about things that we could be doing differently. The biggest change was definitely in my diet and workout methods (I know I know… diet and exercise suck… but they create results.).

If you or anyone you know is dealing with PCOS I don’t claim to be an expert but I can try to answer as many questions as possible based off of my experience with the condition. I do strongly strongly strongly (you know I mean it… because I said it three times!) suggest speaking to your gynecologist, and if you aren’t on board with their suggestions it can’t hurt to get a second opinion!