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Hey ladies and gents! I thought I’d take some time out of sharing finance talk, to talk about 2 major accomplishments this blog has achieved. Firstly we have reached 7 million page views for our blog! You heard me correctly… SEVEN MILLION PAGE VIEWS! Trials n’ tresses has been around for 6 years and it took us 2 years to get to one million. 


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Our site has taken many hits, but through dedication and ingenuity we kept pushing out quality content consistently and here we are 7 million page views later, and Pinterest has had a tremendous part in that for sure. 

The second major accomplishment for our blog is we are now amassing 2 million page views a month on Pinterest.  And that is what we are here to talk about today folks! The how! 

pinterest monthly views

How I Reached 2 Million Pinterest Monthly Views In One Month

1. Tailwind:

I’m starting off with the basics first because let’s face it, every one and their mama has recommended Tailwind. If you’re not up on it let me give you a quick break down. Tailwind is an app/ plugin/ site that helps you schedule Pinterest pins to different boards. They also provide you with analytics so you can track the best times to pin (you can also automate your scheduled pins to pin at those perfect times). Tailwind also has two new features (fairly new) known as the Smart Loop and Tribes. 

When you think of tribes, think of it like a Pinterest Group board. Group boards used to be all the rage on Pinterest, and were pinnacle in the beginning stages of getting our Pinterest off and running. You get a ton of eyes on your work, thus building more traffic on your blog. However, like all good social media platforms often do, the algorithm changed and Pinterest was no longer interested in how many group boards your posts were being placed in. So to uphold the same positive results, without any of the detriment, using Tribes provides that same group board vibe. 

pinterest page views

Smart Loop on the other hand, allows you to pick evergreen content from your blog that will post in various boards that you select over a set amount of time. Our Pinterest content related to natural hair does the best with our audience and gets us the most traffic/engagement. Therefore we have a Natural Hair smart loop that circulates our most popular and widely shared posts continuously throughout the year. This allows me to focus on other aspects of my brand, instead of constantly having to search through my site and schedule pins. The analytics on Tailwind help pull my most popular pins so I can keep them in constant circulation. 

For those reasons I am a full time fan of Tailwind and highly suggest using it to take your Pinterest game to the next level. 

2. Trending: 

Now beyond Tailwind, because let’s face it, Tailwind alone did not get me to 2 million page views… I started looking at what was trending on Pinterest. That’s right… I started looking at Pinterest similarly to YouTube and Twitter. Your biggest strength/gain when on Pinterest is showing up in people’s feeds. If you’re not showing up on their feed, that means you are not seen as someone that Pinterest should recommend to others. 

pinterest page views

Re-pin popular things, re-pin trending topics (only if they make sense to your brand). All you have to do to see what is trending on Pinterest is click the search bar. A list of trending topics will pop up immediately. Take a look at anything that would merit a re-pin without being a giant leap away from the content style that you often create/share. 

3. Work The Algorithm To Your Benefit: 

Every single social media platform has their own algorithm, and Pinterest is no different. The key to mastering this algorithm is knowing what the platform likes/encourages and leaning into that heavily. Yes of course that means creating vertical visually appealing graphics, but there’s more to it than just that.

Those graphics need to be circulated around in the Pinterest atmosphere in order to gain the steam you need to translate into blog traffic. So you need to pin your pins more than once, and you need to pin them wisely. That means using keyword rich descriptions and posting them in keyword rich boards. There’s nothing like writing a great description filled with amazing keywords, and then dumping it into a box (board) that doesn’t do the same. Your pin won’t circulate that way, and your efforts will be in vain. 

When you are posting your pins, make sure your boards are described well, and that any group boards that you are in are descriptive as well. Besides multiple pins, you want to pin consistently. Pinning once or twice a week will not appeal to the algorithm, therefore keeping your pins in the background of many people’s feeds. Try and pin 5-7 times a day to stay in the algorithm’s good graces. That’s when Tailwind comes in really handy. Since I work a whole full time job, there are days/weeks I don’t have time to dedicate to social media for the blog. Tailwind ensures that my content is still being circulated even when I’m unable to manually do so myself. They’ve also started scheduling for Instagram. Though I don’t use it for Insta I do know that they have a cool hashtag analyzer that helps you figure out the statistical best hashtags to use for a  particular niche/topic. 

4. Analytics Are Bae

I like to analyze everything, particularly because it helps me avoid wasting my ever so precious time. To maximize on my content, I used Google Analytics, Pinterest Analytics and Tailwind Analytics in tandem. This was how I was able to set up the Smart Loop using Tailwind that circulated my post popular posts, while creating content that aligned with my niche and was being sought out on Pinterest. Remember at its most basic level, Pinterest is search engine, and you need to create content that people are searching for.

Looking at what my audience was most interested in, I was able to create more content in that niche, re-brand the content that they already enjoyed (making new pins for old posts is another really good idea to keep the algorithm happy) and push my evergreen content around. In focusing on my analytics I kept eyes on the most popular blog posts and kept the traffic to my site flowing as well. Pay attention to what is doing well, and what is not doing so well. You’ll be saving yourself a ton of time when creating new content, and when scheduling your posts. 

Pinterest Monthly Views

Now that you know the basic ins and outs of gaining massive Pinterest monthly views, I suggest you keep in mind that the point of this is to gain traffic to blog. Having people look at your page is great, but not if they don’t go further than that. You can sign up for our blogging bootcamp that takes you through 7 days and 7 real ways to improve your brand. From Pinterest tips, to building a mailing list and more… I’ve got you covered! 

Until the next time,