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As millennials we have come to accept quite a few things. One of those sad unfortunate things that I have come to accept, is that physical paper books/newspapers…etc are going out of style and digital audio is where it’s at. Instead of fighting against the new norm, I’ve started to begrudgingly embrace it. I use my library card to check out digital e-books from the library, and when I’m feeling extra millennial I listen to an audio book instead. 


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Beyond the rise of the audiobook, podcasts have become extremely popular. Every body and their mama has a podcast. Because of their rise in popularity, it has become exceedingly difficult to differentiate between the good and the not so good podcasts. Which ones are worth your time, and which ones should kind of fade off into oblivion? There’s nothing I hate more than wasted time, and listening to a non effective podcast is a complete waste of time. So I’ve done the hard part for you. I’ve searched far and wide to cultivate a short but important list of 10 podcasts to help get your millennial life together. 

podcasts to help get your millennial life together

10 Podcasts To Help Get Your Millennial Life Together

1. RISE: This podcast comes from the author of thew New York Best Seller “Girl Wash Your Face”. Rachel Hollis is all about business, and as someone who is tirelessly trying to build her brand day after day, I cannot help but walk away with advice that allows me to create tangible and practical goals. 

This podcast is valuable to any millennial that is trying to build their business, build their finances, or simply just build a better life for yourself. 

Check out the “Rise” podcast here! 






2. Black Girl Podcast: I swear I’m not biased for loving this podcast (ehem one of the ladies and I went to school together *coughs* so you know it’s great). This podcast is filled with black girl magic and I STAN black girl magic all the way! These ladies embrace the female experience in regards to all things pop culture, adulting, and everything in between. 

I love how quickly the conversation can go from jokes to laughs to serious conversation all with natural ease. And you always feel like you fit in right with the conversation no matter what the topic is about. 

Do yourself a favor and get into the Black Girl Podcast here! 




3. Jesus and Jollof: These two Nigerian queens Luvvie and Yvonne are at the helm of the podcast “Jesus and Jollof”. These ladies are funny AF and when you need to hear some grown women talk about grown women things these two should be your first stop. 

Simply from the title of the podcast alone, you can tell that you’re in for a good time.

To check Out the “Jesus and Jollof” podcast click here! 



4. So Many White Guys: I am such a Phoebe Robinson fan. She is an awesome author who just released her latest book not too long ago, and her podcast is hilarious. 

If you’ve seen 2 Dope Queens then you know the hilarity and tact that Phoebe is capable of.  Phoebe created “So Many White Guys” to tackle the overabundance of white males in the comedy sphere, but this podcast focuses on more than simply that. 

She often has guests that are shockingly not white nor male, so you have to love an ironic queen. If anything else, “So many White Guys” gives me a break from the serious horrors of the world to just laugh about them instead. 

Check out “So Many White Guys” podcast here. 



5. Therapy For Black Girls:

Therapy For Black Girls is one of thee best podcasts that I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. It also was the podcast that inspired me to take my search for a therapist seriously.

Mental health is so important and often overlooked in the African American community. “Therapy For Black Girls” is hosted weekly by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford who is helping to change the way we look at mental health. She creates a safe space for black women that allows us to learn think and grow an understanding of self care that we never thought about. Therapy for Black girls also is a website to help you find therapists of color!

Take a listen the “Therapy For Black Girls” podcast here. 




6. Still Processing: The dynamic duo Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris are two New York Times’ writers that cover several topics regarding the world we are all trying to navigate through as best as we can. This podcast provides access to create a conversation around tough topics that are often ignored or talked about in a round about way. 





7. Gettin’ Grown: There are very few things I love more than hearing about black women slaying adulthood. Adulting is a beast, and for many of us can seem like a daunting task filled with anxiety. Many times things will go wrong and we’ll feel like we’re the only ones doing it wrong. 

The “Gettin’ Grown” podcast aims to get rid of that thought process by showing us all 20 and 30 somethings that we’re all doing it wrong and that’s what makes it so right! The two ladies of the “Gettin’ Grown” podcast serve up a weekly helping of relatable content that makes me smile and nod continuously as I listen during my commute to work. 

Check out the “Gettin’ Grown” podcast here! 




8. hey, girl: I have had a love affair with Alex Elle for over five years now. From her poetry, to her daily affirmations and quotes on Instagram, she has been a staple in my digital life for quite some time. That is why when she started the hey, girl podcast I was elated, and she did not disappoint.

With a revolving cast of truly beautiful and inspiring women, “hey, girl” is a really intimate conversation about navigating womanhood. In a world built to tear us apart, the conversations these women have on this podcast are so uplifting, and positive it creates more than just a feel good vibe, but a wonderful atmosphere for self care and nurturing. 

Check out “hey, girl” podcast here. 





9. Code Switch: What millennial doesn’t like NPR? And if you say you don’t you probably haven’t heard the right thing to keep you coming back for more. “Code Switch” is the right thing! This podcast is a weekly conversation on everything surrounding the culture, without being overbearing. You get an interesting viewpoint from the various journalists involved, which means you’re bound to agree or disagree with someone’s opinion on the shifts in our culture and their effects on the every day person. 

Check out the “Code Switch” podcast here.




10.  The TED Radio Hour: First off… I LOVE TED… and everything TED related. In connection with NPR (another millennial friendly outlet) the TED Radio hour explores what makes us human. And I don’t know about you but there is very little that millennials love more than having existential crises whenever life gets a little too hard (including myself) 

Who am I? Why am I here? What makes me human? These are all questions that are regularly explored on the TED radio hour, as well as other intriguing topics that spark deep thinking and insight. 

Check out the “TED Radio Hour” podcast here!