We have made back to the holiday season! In less than 2 months it will be Christmas time again and prior to that we’ll be experiencing one of most stressful seasons in my own humble opinion! And while it really shouldn’t be, because we should just be thankful with what we have and all that great stuff we tell ourselves… the Holiday season is STRESSFUL and we’re here to make it a little less stressful on your wallet at least!


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How To Prepare For Spending During The Holiday Season

1. Create A Budget: This is the biggest and best route to take hone you are preparing to spend during the holiday season. Some people like to go big or go home, I would rather go home with money in my pocket. Every year for the past 5 years, I’ve created a budget ( and stuck by it might I add) for gifts. Depending on how many people I’ve decided to buy gifts for I choose the amount of money I can comfortably spend without having to live in poverty for the next few weeks after the holidays are over. I then figure out a variety of gifts to get for my list that fall within my budget. Doing this has helped save me the headache of paying back credit cards for months after the holidays are over, and also prevents me from buying things that are utterly ridiculously priced because of the season.

2. Minimize Your List: Honestly… this isn’t as hard as you think it is going to be. Instead of buying gifts for every single person you know, minimize your shopping list to those that really matter. You don’t need to buy a gift for every one of your “best friends”. I’ve found that writing meaningful cards for my close friends has met more to them than anything I could have bought them. I tend to stick to a list of 5-8. I purchase gifts for my nuclear family, and 1-3 friends. This year will probably be the same or LESS. Not because I have less friends or love people any less, but because my budget will be smaller due to my monetary status. That is fair and is nothing to be ashamed of. If you ain’t got it… don’t spend it!

3. Look For Sales & Coupons: I am a master of finding a sale or coupon in places people don’t even think to look. I NEVER pay anything full price and if I can’t find it on sale, then I talk myself out of buying it.  Yes… I’m that serious about finding a deal. Chances are the things you are buying will depreciate over time so there’s no reason you should be paying full price and helping these companies make a profit off of your hard earned money. Trust me, take the time and keep as much of your coin in your pocket as you can.


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4. DIY: As I mentioned earlier sometimes the best gift is from the heart. I haven’t quite mastered DIY just yet, and SOMETIMES buying the supplies to DIY can add up to quite a bit so be careful. I don’t know how much I’ll be DIY’n this year, but Pinterest should become your best friend around this time of the year. They have the best ideas on gifts to give boyfriends, best friends and co workers.

So there you have it… keep your coins in your pocket and make this holiday season one that works in your favor while you celebrate with your loved ones!