So I try not to comment on social issues too often and I also like to keep my blog life and career separate (for the most part) However… when social issues and my career seem to crash into one another I can’t help but share my two cents. “Teacher Bae” is a new phenomena sweeping the social media world… and of course for the most part it has nothing good to say. “Teacher Bae” photographed below is being criticized for dressing inappropriately to work.

problem with teacher bae

The Problem With Teacher Bae From a Real Teacher

I’d like to go on record immediately saying that there is nothing wrong with “Teacher Bae’s attire. And before you label me as “new school” or a radical liberal who doesn’t understand what work appropriate means, I encourage you to read further. I am a 28 year old black woman who has been teaching for 7 years. I have attended highly ranked schools, I earned my Bachelors and Master’s Degree in four years, I won a national teaching award at the age of 24. I am rated in the top 19% of teachers in New York, had the highest State exam pass rate in my school for four years.


Why is being a black girl so hard?

But yet and fucking still, despite all of my accomplishments and accolades, how I look and what I am wearing always takes center stage. My second year teaching I was told that students only do well in my class and listen to me because I “visually stimulate” them. I have been called inappropriate, I have been “slut shamed” for nothing other than what I have been wearing. I am constantly described as “naked” or seeking attention and my intelligence and ability to teach is consistently questioned and degraded.

Now I’m not naive, I understand how the world works. I know we are visual and appearance matters, I get it. I also do not know this woman’s personal story. Whether she is a teacher or a paraprofessional or whatever it doesn’t matter. What I do know is she is a woman who is working and loves what she does. The fact that society has deemed her body inappropriate is what is disgusting, not what she is wearing. It is society that is inappropriate in this manner for blasting this woman all over the internet and telling her what she should look like in order to do her job accordingly. The Facebook commentators who took the time out of their day (… who probably have nothing better to do) to write disgusting comments about a woman they do not know and question every single thing about her work ethic because she is wearing a dress they think is “skin tight”. WAKE THE FUCK UP!


How a woman dresses should not and will not define her as a person. It does not create a neat category for her to be placed in. When are we going to stop perpetuating this fraudulent forward and open minded thinking, that we only stand behind when it is beneficial to ourselves. What really blew my mind were the comments from people that I actually know. People who call themselves Christians and spew bible verses all over their statuses about love and being judgement free were the first to chastise this woman. People creating websites dedicated to “teaching Teacher-Bae how to pick out appropriate outfits”. I mean c’mon… really?


While it is obvious that not everyone will agree with me or believe in what I believe in, I think we can all agree that the attention being given to this woman is simply because of how she looks. She is an attractive woman with a beautiful shape, therefore must wear a sack in order to make everyone else comfortable. If her body or her face looked “unappealing” to society this wouldn’t even be up for discussion. While we can agree to disagree, just please understand that before you sign in to voice your un-needed opinion on the internet think about whether your comments are adding positivity or negativity into an already cruel world.



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One Response to The Problem With Teacher Bae From A Real Teacher

  1. I personally don’t see anything wrong with the way she dresses. Teacher Bae looks nice, when I was coming up we had teachers that dressed similar and nothing was said. I had particular teacher when I was in High School that had that exact body small waist ,hips ? (wow) she was an awsome teacher.