I know I know who wants or has time to manage another social media platform? From the heavy hitters: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to the on the rise Snapchat and Periscope it can get extremely difficult and time consuming to balance your real life, blogger life and social media platforms. But… there is one odd underdog that really isn’t an underdog at all: Pinterest.

I’ve been on Pinterest for quite some time (almost 2 years) and spent year just learning what to do with it. I was highly confused and over the whole process of learning it. Then in my second year I started playing around with it a bit and really liked everything it had to offer. It was a place where I could go to look up just about anything I wanted ideas on. But… it was more than just a playground. Pinterest started offering some really valuable help with my blog. I wasn’t using it officially as a social media marketing strategy for Trials N’ Tresses (and I’m still figuring it out now so I’m no expert), but when I saw what it could do I started paying a closer eye.

Pinterest quickly became our number one source of referral traffic for our site (higher than Facebook, Tumblr, & Twitter combined). The only other referrer that even comes close is Google. And before you think I have a ton of Pinterest followers… I don’t! That’s the thing… Pinterest can be an extremely valuable platform for you to use whether you’re just starting out your blog or a veteran. So for this Blogger Tip Thursday feature I’m sharing 5 reasons why your blog should be on Pinterest.

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5 Reasons Your Blog Should Be On Pinterest

1. Fastest Growing Social Media Platform… EVER:

Pinterest sprang up over night and just like that has over 100 million active engaged users. Why wouldn’t you want to get your blog potentially in front of the eyes of that amount of people. People love Pinterest and are addicted to it! If you want a piece of the Pinterest pie you need to be actively apart of the communication and pinning process.

2. Better conversion into purchases :

We know that blogs are turning into brands and selling more and more products to their audience. In doing so , if you are thinking of starting to sell items, Pinterest will be your best friend. You will have the best conversions for purchase using Pinterest. Why? Because of the direct contact they can make with your brand/items. Also they are interested when they see it on their feed, as opposed to receiving random tweets or looking for a link.

3. Great For Your Backlinking/inbound links: 

When your site gets a “link back” from a credible source it is always a benefit. Even though it is a “no follow link”, with Pinterest directly linking the images to your site, no matter where that image goes you are getting the credit/ inbound link. This is also great for engagement. With multiple pins, this means people are liking and sharing your content to others that are also doing the same.

4. High Engagement/Sharing:

Pinterest pins live for a longer period of time then any other social media platform. Psh… on Instagram for instance your photo may have a “shelf life” of 24 hours max before its forgotten about and receiving little to no attention. Pinterest on the other hand, has a shelf life of well over a month! This is because people are more engaged with the graphics on Pinterest and are more likely to share the content they’ve come across. You can receive traffic from a particular pin that will drive traffic to your site even months after the post has died down. Our first successful viral pin on Pinterest was written over a year ago, and still brings in over 100 hits a day for that particular post.

5. Easy Integration

Pinterest is SUPER easy to integrate onto your site/blog and takes little to no work from you. All you need to do is add the “pin me” button (easily done with WordPress plugins) and thats that. People can now hover over photos (such as the one directly below) and pin it to their Pinterest boards/categories.

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Reasons Your Blog Should Be On Pinterest