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We are in unprecedented times right now and educators have been asked to make the transition from “normal” face to face classes to remote online teaching. For some that transition has been a bit more difficult than for others, and as someone who has successfully made a smooth transition I’d like to share my remote teaching tips or online learning that have been working well over the last four weeks. 


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As a bit of background on me as an educator, this is my tenth year in the classroom as an NYC high school teacher. Over the last three years I have been using moving more and more towards the digital stratosphere of education because I was trying to “go green” and cut down on my use of paper. Mostly because I take the train to and from work, so grading digitally on the train has been an amazing time saver. 

The majority of my remote teaching tips for online learning that I will provide will be through using Google Classroom but most can be used whether you are using Zoom, Skype or other digital platforms 

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Remote Teaching Tips For Online Learning 

One of the most important things to remember when you are rolling up your sleeves and getting into remote teaching, you want to focus on being organized AF. I do not say that lightly. One of the biggest things remote teaching tips that I can give you first and foremost is to carve out a work flow that is going to be practical and mentally sound for you to use long term. And once you’e carved out that workflow, check in with it and yourself weekly to see what is and what isn’t working. Don’t be afraid to adjust it, but definitely have one! 

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