I’m not a well versed experienced foodie by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love trying new places that are recommended to me. Its pretty funny/interesting that I am the pickiest eater on the planet, yet always have a great restaurant recommendation for a friend or family member looking to try something new. And this is how this post was born. Lately (and I do mean extremely lately) I’ve been pretty blessed to have the time and opportunity to go out and eat on a pretty frequent basis (I’m sure my waistline isn’t too thrilled about that) and get my hands on some delicious food. So I had to recommend them as the holiday season approaches and NYC will be bustling with commuters and locals alike searching for somewhere delicious to enjoy one another’s company.

5 Restaurants You Should Try In NYC


img_5915v1. Fette Sau: I’m going here TOMORROW for the first time ever, but this restaurant makes the list because well…they have been rated the best BBQ in NYC and I love me some delicious bbq (you’ll  see a trend on the list shortly). Fette Sau comes highly recommended by a co worker who eats red meat with as much passion as I do. (not to be confused with frequently… just passionately!).  It is a southern bbq styled restaurant, specializing in a large amount of fresh meat options. Fette Sau is located in Williamsburg (as most great restaurants are) right on Metropolitan. So you can expect it to be a trendy hipster vibe and crowded! Expect to wait, but you can drink at the bar! I’ll be posting and scoping live from Fette Sau so if you want to see a first hand experience before you head out, have no fear I will supply that for you. If you want to take a look at the menu take a trip here!


2. Hometown BBQ: Hometown BBQ graces the Red Hook area of Brooklyn on Van Brunt street, and specialize in : BBQ
(easy guess). The menu isn’t mind blowing with options, but the basics offered are delicious. Prices are about average for a BBQ spot and I recommend the thick slab of Bacon! (highly recommend). You are also going to want to dabble in the Texas style mac and cheese which is creamy without being watery (which can sometimes happen to Mac N Cheese in BBQ restaurants). The restaurant offers a very rustic bbq feel, so don’t be afraid to come dirty and leave dirtier. Hometown BBQ has also been labeled New York’s #1 BBQ restaurant (we have a lot of number ones apparently) and with good reason.   I’ll be making another trip to Hometown BBQ in the near  future and bringing tons of friends along!

queens-comfortchicken&eggo3. Queens Comfort: Queens Comfort is what happens when you combine Brooklyn and Manhattan trendiness and drop it in the borough of Queens. I don’t remember why  heard about Queens Comfort or why I decided to go there, but I went a few weeks ago (during Comic Con weekend) with my best friend to Brunch and it was quite the experience. I LOVED it. I had of course my standard Chicken & Waffles, as I’m determined to experience that combination where ever it is available. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was fun. There was a 30 minute wait and a line at the door when I arrived at 10:30am. The restaurant was themed for Comic Con so they were sitting us on the Marvel side or DC side depending on your choice at the door. They were also showing some horror movie on a screen. The service was great, the atmosphere was trendy and I loved every moment of it. They are definitely worth a train ride out to Queens to have a taste. Their menus are also quite interesting… check out their “Netflix & Chill” meal when you’re eating with BAE!


Wafels & Dinges: I went to Wafels & Dinges last weekend as well (it was a heavy weekend of food… I’ll be running it off for Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.17.27 PMmonths I’m sure). I was aware of the food trucks but didn’t know they had an actual store front restaurant down in the Alphabet City area of New York (right on Avenue B). I had a waffle (no chicken) with chocolate syrup, vanilla ice-cream with speculos cookie crumbs and a side of bacon. I was so happy to have Speculos involved in this, because I’ve pretty much been in love with it since I discovered it at Trader Joes. They also offer speculos in various varieties on all their meals. Its one of the “dinges” you can add to your meal. That bacon… absolutely delicious and its all in the way its prepared which is pretty simple. I saw it made to order right in the middle of the restaurant. I love being able to see where and how my food is made. That blow torch and honey glaze are the secret and it was amazing. If you cant get all the way downtown (it is a bit out of the way) they have tons of food trucks all over New York (one in Forest Hills in Queens sand one on 34th street in the City).


08UNDER_SPAN-articleLargeButcher Bar: I try not to repeat restaurants because NY has so many amazing options to offer for my dining delight. However I’v been to Butcher Bar three times in the past year and I am not ashamed! Butcher Bar is one of my fave BBQ restaurants that offers more than just variety… an overall GREAT dining experience. I recently went in August for my 27th birthday dinner with my family and turned them into believers as well. Their Macaroni & Cheese is to die for it is delicious and comparable to my fave Mac & Cheese from Cafeteria. You can pretty much order anything on this menu (and I almost have) and be pleased! That is a definite plus for me in a restaurant. This restaurant is located in Astoria Queens (right up the block form Queens Comfort actually) so you can stop at Queens Comfort for breakfast and Butcher Bar for dinner or lunch. My favorite food combo from Butcher Bar has to be the Mac & Cheese and Dry Rubbed Ribs. For a peek at the menu you can head here.  

What is your favorite NYC restaurant that you think should be on the list! Drop the name for me below and I promise you… I will get there to visit !!

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