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Okay… there are 60 days left in 2017 (can we all just say a collective WTF together…) and we know everyone is going to be back on their BS. The “New Year New Me” brigade is stretching right now in preparation to bombard our timelines with their nonsense.

Oh okay! I’m just not having it this year, and in all honesty neither should you. As 2017 comes to a close in a less than 2 months, you may not have achieved all you had hoped. It’s not the end of the world trust me, Beyonce wasn’t built in a day. The problem with New Year’s Resolutions (well one of the many problems) is that there is usually no accountability. Unless you have extreme will power and a strong intrinsic motivator, come spring time your resolution is out the door.

Save Extra Money For Vacation


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While we’ve helped you keep your fitness goals in the past, and attempted to help you with your fiscal goals (we tried and failed guys… no shame to our game) this time is different. Why? Well… I’m turning 30 in 2018 and I figured it is time for me to somewhat get my shit together and embrace this aging adulthood thing everyone keeps talking about. Besides that I’ve enjoyed sharing my student loan journey with you as of late, and  by the end of 2018 I will have paid off all of my private student loans. (I’ll still have very little federal loans left).

Over the last three years I’ve shared the ups and downs of my journey. Being on a teacher budget with student loans hasn’t been easy but I’ve managed to still accomplish a lot of what wanted to do without making too many sacrifices (don’t get it twisted… many sacrifices were made). One of those things that I was able to accomplish was take 1-3 vacations per year to places I’ve always wanted to visit. The main reason I’ve been able to do so is (drum roll please)… SAVING! No one wants save… it sucks, but when you save the right way it can become less torturous and more enjoyable.

How To Save Extra Money For Vacation

Nothing feels better than seeing your money pile up. The one thing that may top off that feeling is actually using the money for the reason you put it aside for. There have been times that I have been on vacation, and had quiet moments to myself. These moments I stop and realize how thankfulI am for having the opportunity to be there, present in that moment. I never feel lucky, I always feel thankful. And you too can have the same feeling of thanks when you sign up for this Millennial In Debt savings challenge. (See how I brought it all home there!)

The Millennial In Debt Vacation Savings Challenge is a moderate challenge that will last for the entire year. By the end of the challenge you will have racked up 1,040 extra dollars to throw at the vacation of your dreams. The best part is you are only putting aside 20.00 dollars a week. This is the first of many challenges we’ll be rolling out over the next few weeks in preparation of the new year. The year where we’ll be taking bigger and better steps towards financial freedom. Each challenge will have a varying degree of difficulty, that is made to fit the needs/budget of everyone. You can partake in one challenge or all of them! It is up to you! The best part about this challenge is the ACCOUNTABILITY! We’ll be sharing tips, tricks, challenges, and some funny ass memes (humor helps keep the tears away) a long the way. But best part is you’ll be sharing your steps forward on social media, and we all want to stunt for the gram! So you will not LOSE!

The final Sign up date for our challenges closes December 20th. All challenges begin January 1st (though you can start whenever you want really…it’s your world). We’re waiting to help you get that coin and spend it wisely! Sign up here now! 


millennial in debt