How ToSave Money WhileSpending


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Summer time is when I spend the most money. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. I purposely excessively save throughout the fall, winter and spring to make sure I have a surplus of money to buy cute new summer clothes that I know I don’t need. The worst three parts about this cyclical spending? I run out of space to put all these new goodies, I bought too much summer clothes, and by the time Fall rolls around I realize I’ve spent too much money.

So to curb the guilt of at least one of these issues… I found my way to a method that helps me save money while spending.

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How To Save Money While Spending

Two Words: Cash Back! I’m sure you’ve heard of cash back before and various ways on how to achieve cash back but have you really mastered the process? I’ve mentioned before when discussing how to travel the world on a teacher budget, that I hate using a credit card but I use them to get me more than whatever it is I am purchasing. Credit cards that provide reward points are BAE! My two favorite rewards cards right now are from Citibank and Capital One. I do know that most banks or credit card companies do offer reward packages for specific cards… all you have to do is ask.

There are a few different types of rewarding options. You can go the route of gathering points to use for travel, gift cards or actual money earned back (usually a small percentage of what you’ve spent). Either reward option is technically money back. If you get points for travel you are saving money on a flight or lodging when you go away. Buying gift cards or getting actual money back.. well duh is obviously monetarily beneficial. I love credit cards that offer you the opportunity to use their points/cash back to pay your actual bill. This way you are spending, earning money and paying off the cost of what you spent without ever having to spend extra.

Now how do you capitalize even more out of this? By double dipping of course! I like to shop on sites that give me rewards points on top of what I am earning from my credit card. Loyalty points add up and can get you some sick merchandise on top of whatever amazing item you purchased for yourself in the first place. Anytime I shop online or in store I always ask are their reward cards (not to be mistaken with charge cards… I’m not messing with my credit for some store points guys)

Is it possible to triple dip? Yes… let me show you the way my friends! I have been known to triple dip and get three times the cash back/rewards. How so? I go through Ebates! I love love love Ebates and I love how much easier they have gotten to use since I signed up with them a four years ago! Ebates is a free site that gives you cash money back just for clicking through their site to the store you were going to shop at in the first place. They are partnered with hundreds of different stores with different percentages of cash back offered. Anywhere from 1%- 20% you don’t have to do anything differently. And now they’ve made it even easier. They have added a plugin that you can download to your computer and when you go to a site to shop, the Ebates reminder pops up. You click it and boom… shop till you drop. The cash back process begins as soon as you check out. They send out checks quarterly with your total cash back amount. I’ve made quite a bit of money back during the seasons I do shop. And what’s best of all is they usually have really good deals/ percentage spikes during holiday seasons. Christmas time is usually when I make the most money because I’m spending the most obviously (and more stores are hiking up the amount of cash back they are giving out).

IF you haven’t signed up for Ebates yet you are missing out on some beaucoup bucks especially if you have a rewards card to earn points on as well. This is how I managed to get a free flight to England (more on that in another post) on a teacher salary. I’m all about cash back with a double or even triple dip to earn more money back. Sign up for Ebates here and get to shopping and earning money at the same time!

Have you ever used Ebates before ? What has been your experience? Share your thoughts with us below.