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Let me be clear… I don’t watch television very often… and during the school year it is almost non existent for me. But 2016… was certainly a year for good TV and good music. I found myself captivated and drawn to many television shows (some old and some brand spanking new ones) and wound up smiling at the very end of my binge watching session or yearning for more!

5 Things I Learned Binge Watching Atlanta
10 TV Shows You Should Be Bing Watching
And I for one know that I am always always always happy to be black that is not even a question, but it does feel extra good that these tv shows have been so captivating and well received without having to be centered around the dramatic nonsense that is a VH1 reality show lineup. Nothing against anyone who loves those shows, I get it, it is entertaining and an escape form the mundane. But I’d so much rather get lost in the sauce with these 5 tv shows any day!

5 TV Shows That Make Me Happy To Be Black

tv shows that make me happy to be black

1. Insecure: You know this show had to be at the very top of my list right? Because not only does Insecure make me happy to be black, it also makes me happy to be a black woman! (Say What…).  I  know how dare I right.. be happy to be black and be a woman… I can hear the rallies forming already. But it is true watching Insecure filled me with all the feels! It is well written, has an amazing cast, and is just kick ass all the way around!

things i learned binge watching atlanta

2. Atlanta: Okay… I’m a Donald Glover addict … there I said it. I love Childish Gambino and I love everything he’s done acting wise as Donald Glover. But… this show goes beyond just my love for him. Atlanta gives a perspective to something we don’t often get to see or hear about: The awkward black man who is just trying to do what is right and achieve his dreams while stumbling through the process. Long description I know… but it still doesn’t even shed light on the magic that is Atlanta. If you haven’t watched this show yet… grab some popcorn and your bestie and hold on for 5 hours of humorous intellect.

3. Luke Cage: I just finished watching Luke Cage last week (like I said… I’m always late to the party guys) and it was phenomenal. I knew about the Luke Cage comic (I’m a MARVEL junkie) and was interested in what Netflix was going to do with the story. I wasn’t sure just how much they would change or how they would handle Luke Cage being set in a modern world. They did phenomenally! The encompassed everything that the Marvel character was/is and transplanted it into modern day New York with ease. Touching base on all of the social and political unrest we’ve been dealing with, without being preachy and still packing a punch of action.

4. Black ish:  I usually binge watch Black ish in the summer because I can’t keep up with a full length tv show on a week to week basis. Black ish is the ISH plain and simple. I’m always down for a show that can connect humor with the seriousness that is being black. And Black ish handles difficult topics with such grace without being an in your face sermon. That I can appreciate. It is a truthful tale of being black and learning what it means to be black as you grow.

5. Orange Is The New Black : I put this on the list with some hesitation. While I do love this show, and it makes me happy to be black for so many reasons, the latest season also gave me pause. Orange Is The New Black does have black women in prison facing racial issues. But I MUST point out, that in my honest opinion (and yes I may be bias) the portrayal of the African American women on this show are always two steps ahead intelligence wise of the other characters. They are not written to be your stereotypical criminal, they are all matters of circumstance (which most of the characters are to be completely honest) and fight their time using their intellect. Do they make silly stupid mistakes from time to time, yes, because we all do! But these women’s strength and will to survive is inspiring.

Which TV show are you loving this season and why? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!