A few years ago there was this annoying trend of people who would announce that they were deleting their Facebook every five minutes. After a few occurrences of this, we on the receiving end of the drama just knew it was a ploy for attention (an annoying one at that). Now… as I’ve matured a great deal (not really… but okay) I think I can understand the underlying reasoning of wanting to delete not just Facebook, but all social media in general.

Why You Need A Social Media Detox

Social media has become an engrained part of our daily lives and it goes without saying just how addicting it really is. But it is more than just a get away technique. Social media really has a certain power over us (and I know you’re reading this and rolling your eyes… but bear with me). It is a constant stream of information. Whether that information is true or not doesn’t seem to matter as long as it is attention grabbing and entertaining. We’re tuned in to our favorite celebrities, our friends and our families. We can get on board with the latest trends, grab a quick make or hair tutorial on the train, or escape from our responsibilities by scrolling mindlessly through our timelines. And I for one, am I guilty AF of doing the exact same thing.

I head to Snapchat to try out the latest filter whenever I need a break from reality, and that can really eff ish up in the long run. And I’ve constantly made fun of people for having to delete their social media, when I feel like it should be as easy as simply not opening the app, or signing out. But I can understand the other side of the coin… because I am on my way down the same road. Hear me out…

Every month for about two years I have taken 2-3 days off from social media. I know that sounds like some pretentious manner of saying I’m capable of unplugging from the madness for more than five minutes. But that’s just the thing, running this blog for the last three years as made my social media addiction WORSE than what I could have ever expected. Social media is a much needed puzzle piece to what keeps us connected to our audience, but it is also a puzzle piece that has helped me master wasting time. I had to find some time to completely remove myself from the social media jungle because it can not only waste your time, but greatly alter your reality. Doing things “for the gram” and being sad when you don’t get the recognition you think you deserve is a giant mind f***. Seeing other people out and about celebrating life while you’re at home eating a giant tub of ice cream and wallowing in your own misery… is not only depressing but can seriously make you feeling like your downing a giant glass of haterade. That is a NO NO for me!

Shakira and I are both not full time bloggers. We have full time jobs, that are extremely demanding on a day to day basis. Time management is the MAJOR KEY to us being able to balance both aspects of our lives semi successfully. But when you add in the social media aspect to that, we begin to topple where we should thrive. If I calculated how much time I’ve spent scrolling, or snapping, or liking pictures/videos I’m sure it would make me extremely upset with myself. So I have to detox.

What Does A Social Media Detox Look Like: Well to different people it can mean different things. And I’m certainly not  turning this into a challenge… because that would mean I’d need to invest even more time into social media (which is the opposite of my plan). A social media detox for me personally means getting rid of my top three offenders (Facebook Instagram and Snapchat), and limiting my time on my smaller obsessions. It also means getting things done and putting the cellphone down in its entirety. I got rid of the three social media platforms where I have the most friends/followers for several reasons. The obvious was because that is where I waste most of my time, and losing my ties with these platforms allows me to interact with people on a real human level.

I went to a party the other day (yeah I know… why right?) and I saw a person I went to college with that I hadn’t seen or spoken to in years. However we are connected on several social media platforms. As we were speaking to each other in person, I mentioned that it doesn’t seem like we haven’t seen/spoken to each other because I always know what you’re up to via Snap. That was the day I logged out and deleted my Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram app.

I’m not trying to become a hermit, although after one week of silently detoxing before writing this post… I kind of do feel like I’m in a rabbit hole… and I love it! What I’m trying to do is get more things done with my time, and sleep at a decent hour. I’m trying to make sure that I am the best possible version of myself, and not saying that social media ruins me (because that is the pure definition of dramatics) I’m just saying it alters my state to a point where I’m becoming uncomfortable. I want to be more interactive with people that matter to be on a human level, not behind the double tap or dog filter on a screen.

So for me, a social media detox means sticking to using social media strictly for Trials N’ Tresses and then skedaddling out of there ASAP. It also means using only (and very carefully might I add) Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Youtube. These are my least offensive social media offenders, and also where I have the least interaction with people. I do have to be mindful though, because one good swipe and I could be lost in those feeds forever as well. I plan on being “disconnected” from the social media world until the end of February… wish me luck guys!

What would a social media detox look like for you? Share your thoughts/ comments with us below!