While I know we are currently in the middle of our 52 Week Money Saving challenge the truth remains that we are going to be spending at some point during the year on several things. So it is important for you to be able to capitalize on sales/ discounts and coupons. So I stumbled onto this awesome explanation of when to buy certain things that we are probably going to buy at some point in the year. That brings me to your ultimate guide for what you should or shouldn’t be buying every month of the year.

Guide To Buying For Every Month Of The Year


aran-sweaterWinter related apparel (sweaters, coats, and scarves)- They are making room for the spring/summer collections so they need the space. 7a9dfe8772e84fe12ad4ff959678d877Swimwear/ sandals- While it is also a great deal to buy winter related apparel, it is also a great time to buy swim wear and sandals. Especially during the Victoria Secret semi annual sale.  Summer foot wear is also on major discount. I picked up an 80 dollar pair of DV by Dolce Vita Women’s Archer Sandal (affiliate link) for 25 bucks from 6pm.  They are also on clearance on Amazon as well. (for as low as 16.99… WHOA) American-FurnitureFurniture (discounted furniture is being pushed at major clearance in order to make space for the new 2015 collections coming in February) phoenix_jewelry_buyersJewlery & Perfume (before the Valentine’s Day Rush)


Electronics: Computers/Cameras/Cellphones/ TVs…etc
Tools/ Bedding/Furniture during the President’s Day sales Chocolate, Steak & Seafood (after Valentine’s Day )
Air conditioners

March (dont buy much in March)


Chocolate is also still on sale this month as well

Frozen Foods (apparently March is Frozen Food month)


Air Travel: flights are generally cheaper during April especially if you’re booking for flights during the summer time. (mid week purchases are the best time to capitalize on the discounts)

Thrift Shopping/ Flea Market deals are best/highest during April Cruises

Laptops & computers

Vacuums & Cookware for the house

Tires & Care Care supplies



Spring apparel

Home goods (ie: mattresses and refrigerators)

Gym memberships

Athletic apparel


Lingerie (thank you Victoria secret for the semi annual sale)

Gym memberships are still on sale ( the warmer weather means people can exercise outside so gyms are more willing to lower their prices drastically)

Tools &  Dishware


Summer clothing (the stores are already gearing up for the Fall believe it or not)

Broadway Tickets

Jewelry (because there are no holidays in sight)


Gril & Party Supplies


Fall clothing (back to school time)

School & Office supplies

Bed linens/ towels


Air Conditioners

Snow Blowers



Patio Furniture

Lawnmowers & Pool Equipment


Kitchen goods

Bicycles & Cars


Holiday Airfare


Offseason travel

Patio Furniture

Broadway tickets


Halloween candy

New appliances (on Black Friday) like dishwashers, dryers…etc)

Wedding dresses

Carpeting & flooring



Holiday decorations (right after Christmas)

Cellphones (after Christmas)


iTunes gift cards/ other gift cards

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