Life can be stressful, and sometimes that stress can really get the best of you. Especially with the holidays coming around , and winter (I tend to be more moody and sad during the winter months) stress can really take us to a feeling of being extremely overwhelmed. To help cope with that I’m starting early by being extremely aware

5 Steps To Take When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

1. Meditate:

I don’t do this nearly as much as I should or as I would like but when I do it is certainly a life saver. I sign up for the Oprah and Deepak 21 day meditations and I always fall behind because I let life get the best of me. However when I do get through the 21 day cycle I usually feel refreshed, and renewed with a new sense of drive and purpose. Even if you don’t do it formally, just taking ten minutes out of your day to focus on your breathing and yourself can really make all the difference. There are also some guided meditations on  Youtube that can really help the process if you feel weird about doing it silently alone for the first few times.


I tend to completely shut down when I’m stressed and overwhelmed. I rather not spread my negativity and stress to those around me. But then I remember that I’m surrounded by a pretty good group of people that really love and support me. Opening up to communicate how I’m feeling helps just vomit out the feelings. It’s not about complaining it’s about speaking your feelings into existence and hearing someone else’s perspective. It’s also a great feeling knowing you are not alone.

3.Feel Don’t Run:

What I mean by this is sometimes you really have to face your feelings head on or they will haunt you. I always think about hiding my feelings or burying them until its too late. When you are overwhelmed you must “embrace” it in a sense and attack it head on. Don’t run away from your stress or your feelings of being overwhelmed because when you stop running they will be there full force waiting for you. Don’t let them knock you down… brace yourself and you will come out victorious.

4.Make a List:

I am the QUEEN of making lists. A to do list can be really daunting especially when it has 7-10+ items on it. But NOTHING feels better than crossing things off of that list and making it your bitch so to speak. A to do list helps keep you in line with your responsibilities for the time period, and it is quite cathartic to throw away that list when you are done knowing that it couldn’t finish you! I make lists on just about every single aspect of my life, and anywhere I can. On my cellphone notes, my calendars on my work or home computer, or my favorite: little pieces of scrap paper/post its. I’m giving planners another try in 2016 (I was a huge planner girl in high school but got tired of carrying them in my bag). I’m investing in the “Happiness Planner” because I love the messages of positivity and happiness they spread on the day to day basis. My hectic schedule could use some daily reminders of positivity !

5.Take some Time For Your Self:

Sometimes I feel that taking time for myself will leave me feeling more stress and overwhelmed because I’ll just have more things to do when I check back into the real world. But now I’m realizing the real world responsibilities never stop. So whether I’m checked in or not they will always be there. Its better for my sanity and my health to  take some mental health days from time to time to just simply do nothing or everything I love. Every now and then I take a few hours just to read, or write for myself. This frees my mind and relaxes me, therefore I’m prepared to tackle whatever the next day may throw at me!

What are some of your methods to dealing with stress and coping with feeling overwhelmed? Share them with us in the comment box below!

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