Moving right along in our travel series we’ll be discussing how to style your wardrobe for vacation. In previous weeks we discussed how to plan vacation activities on a budget, and how to plan vacations on a teacher salary and student debt budget. While all this saving money is important, crucial and usually at the top of everyone’s list, we can also cut costs on our shopping expenses pre/post vacation. Below I will give you four quick tips on how to style your wardrobe for vacation without shopping for new clothes and spending loads of money. These are steps/methods that I wish I followed in the process (before I spent money on new clothes) and will be trying to follow from here on out for quite a while.

How To Style Your Wardrobe For Vacation

1. Stop Shopping: It sounds simple but putting yourself on an extreme spending limit is the beginning of saving money. Impulsive buying/shopping can put a real dent into your wallet especially if done during pre-vacation preparation. By shopping in your closet it forces you to look to what you already have and make something out of something that already exists. I read about an extreme case of a  woman who didn’t buy any new clothes or shoes for an entire year (she’s my hero). While that is a great method of saving thousands of dollars let’s start off slow. Instead of rushing out to buy all new clothes and accessories put all the money you are planning on shopping with away for another expense. Instead open your closet and move into step two!

2. Accessorize  If you’re anything like me (and I’m not even the worst kind) you have tons of accessories you barely even use. Accessories can make or break an outfit, and they also can change the appearance of an overall look. Try some of your favorite outfits and add some spice to them by throwing on a statement necklace, some bangle bracelets, hats, belts, new earrings, a scarf…etc. I have a plain simple black romper that I’ve worn on several different occasions and by changing my hairstyle, wearing a pair of boat shoes, and adding a hat I got a whole new boho hipster look/vibe as opposed to when I’ve worn it alone with a pair of flip flops.  You’d be surprised how different your outfit will look and feel with a set of new accessories added to them. All without spending a cent and using what you already have.

3. Dress in Layers: This works great especially if you live in area that has all four seasons! Adding a scarf, cardigan, blazer…etc to a dress or outfit you have worn out in your mind gets a whole new dimension and feel. You can also wear certain outfits in different seasons. I find that my midi dresses are only good for all or spring but by adding a pair of leggings, and a cardigan it can also be worn in the winter months. You don’t have to discard an outfit just because the seasons have changed. Even shorts can travel with you through the seasons with the proper top and leggings involved. (I personally haven’t tried this look but I love the way it looks on others and may give its go this winter)

4. Mix and Match: This is my favorite step/tip and it can also be the easiest/hardest to accomplish. What we usually get hung up on when we say we have nothing to wear is something to wear to fit a particular need or event. But if we mix and match what we already have to get a new look it’ll be like a new outfit. There have been so many times I’ve had bottoms and tops for years and never once thought to put them together. When I did it doesn’t mean its always been magical but there have been some smash hits that I was happy I stumbled upon all because I didn’t want to spend extra money. Try throwing together different skirts, tops, pants, shorts…etc and see what the overall look does for you as one final masterpiece. If it doesn’t work for you whats the harm in it you got to play dress up for a while, and if it does well you’ve then found a new outfit you never even knew you had.

Quick side extra tip: if you are really up in arms about outfits…stay away from the camera! I find that I’ll have outfits that I really love and can be reused and recycled but once I’m photographed in them I no longer feel they are an option. That is a load of nonsense… but if it bothers you like I do just kindly (or sometimes not so kindly) ask that you not be photographed at that particular event! The truth of the matter is you can get 4-5 different outfits from a few pieces of clothing, which will not only help you save money but will also help you pack light and avoid overages for your luggage at the airport! It’s always about saving that extra coin! What are ways that you have styled your wardrobe to help you avoid going on that impulsive shopping trip? Share your thoughts /responses below!

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