I don’t get to watch TV during the school year so I make its personal mission to watch as much TV during the summer as humanly possible while still doing outside activities. There’s no greater feeling for me during the summer then to plop down after a run, or walking my dog and watching television.

I’ve read 15 books this year over the course of my morning and afternoon commutes, so please spare me the judgements… a little (or a lot in this case) of TV never hurt anyone as long as it comes with a healthy balance. Don’t be an incessant couch potato… but absolutely DO watch all of these amazing shows! You won’t be sorry!

On this list you’ll find a little something for everyone and every mood! Some shows I’ve watched, some I haven’t, some I love, and some I’m recommending simply for the culture!

Summer Binge Worthy Shows

10 Summer Binge Worthy Shows To Add To Your Queue

1. Game Of Thrones (six of seven): This binge watching session will make you feel every emotion known to man. With the seventh season set to be released mid July (I’m impatiently waiting) you can binge watch the first six seasons on HBO Go. HBO on Demand will give you only the last ten episodes from season 6 to catch up. My advice if you’ve never watched this show before… don’t get attached to anyone… and STAY READY! Game of Thrones is not for the weak of heart. This show will cost you 60 hours of binge watching time.

2. Atlanta (one of one): One of my absolute favorite shows right now, Atlanta was created, produced and stars Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. This show currently only has ten episodes in its first season, though it has been picked up for a second season on FX for 2018. Would’ve been 2017, but you know Donny G is out being all amazing in the film world and such. You can catch up on these 10 half hour episodes on FX.com or FX on Demand. This show will cost you a mere 5 hours of TV time.


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3. House Of Cards (five of five): With five seasons for your viewing pleasure on Netflix if you’ve got 50 hours to spare I highly recommend taking a sneak peak into the mind of Kevin Spacey as he plays the President of the United States. A title that he pretty much stole from under everyone’s noses (hmm… is life imitating art?). I do warn you that House of Cards does have an immensely slow build, but once you are invested you’ll be hooked.

4. Orange Is The New Black: (five of five): Another Netflix recommendation but of course. Netflix is pretty much the king of binge watch heaven (and I’m not just saying that because I own stock). Orange Is  The New Black is just coming off of a scandalous hacker leak that released ten of the 13 episodes of season five to the public a whole 6 weeks ahead of time. I will not confirm or deny whether I watched the season early, but I will say the first four seasons are absolutely heart warming and heart breaking at the same time.

5. Silicon Valley (three of four): I binge watched Silicon Valley in the time it took me to take out my protective style and complete a wash day routine. With the fourth season nearing completion I’ll get to catch up on the musings and failures of Richard Hendricks and his gang. I love shows that are well written and hilarious, and Silicon Valley does not disappoint on either front. With half hour episodes, catching up on all four episodes will set you back a measly twenty hours! Not even a full day!

6. Rick & Morty (two of three): I am late to the Rick and Morty train, but it doesn’t matter because season three hasn’t been given a formal release date (though the first episode of season 3 was released on April Fool’s day of this year). Rick & Morty can found on Cartoon Network and with 21 episodes (22 if you count the one episode of season 3) you’re looking at 22 hours of pure hilarity with a touch of genius.

7. Westworld (one of one): I haven’t watched Westworld at all but I’ve heard great things from people I usually tend to trust when it comes to television recommendations. I’ll be watching Westworld this summer, but from the description it sounds like a futuristic jab at our present day nonsense. Gotta love the eye opening mirror held up to society. Westworld can be found on HBO Go as well as HBO on demand, and since it only currently has one season, this binge session won’t take you more than one day.

8. Chewing Gum (two of two) : This show was recommended to me yesterday and the sell was effective enough to make it on to this list. It’s a show set in London (one of my favorite cities so it was obviously an easy sell). It has a female lead who is black (another easy sell) and it is hilarious! SOLD! I probably didn’t sell it as well as it was sold to me, but trust me the screen shots were hilarious.  You can catch Chewing Gum on Netflix as well! (Just subscribe now and live on Netflix for the summer)

9. Girlboss (one of one) : I haven’t seen the show yet and since it premiered around the same time as 13 reasons, its pretty much been over shadowed on Netflix. I loved the book version of this show and I’m definitely obsessed with all things Sophia Amorouso. So I’m excited to see how her story was translated onto the little binge watching screen and you should be too!

10. Prison Break (four of five): Though I’m actually not sure when season five of Prison Break ends (I assume soon… since spring shows are reaching their finales and making way for summer time TV) I’ve been watching the episodes on a semi weekly basis. I must say… I LOVED Prison Break when it was initially on the air, and I kinda feel dedicated to season 5. It could be that the characters haven’t found their groove yet after being apart for so long, but I do recommend giving the first four seasons a chance at wining your heart (Micheal Scofield was certainly BAE for a while).

Bonus: These shows I’ve mentioned before, watched already, or have been recommended. Even though they didn’t make it on the list I think its some good watching to follow as well. So if you make your way through the list of ten above (you probably have eye problems and need some help) you can also dabble in this list as well:  Jane The Virgin, Shameless, Black ish Insecure, The Keeper, Queen Sugar Stranger Things, Breaking Bad. (always and forever baby!!)

What shows do you recommend to binge watch this summer? I’m taking all recommendations as I have a full two months to catch up on some dope TV!