A few weeks ago I revealed a list of several small businesses with women at the helm serving as the founders and CEOs. Now I’m back it to reveal 10 reasons why you should not only support but shop small businesses whether they are local or not. I get it small businesses can sometimes cost just a wee bit more than buying the same or similar product in a larger chain. Sometimes it’s also just easier to get to a larger chain as they are more prevalent and convenient in location. However there are several things I take into consideration before I spend my money in certain places, which causes me to go the extra mile more often than not to support businesses that have my better interest at heart.

1. More employment opportunities: There are 28.2 million businesses up and running in the US as of March 2014. Keep that number in mind! 63 percent of the new jobs that are being created come directly from SMALL BUSINESSES. Which means out of those 28.2 million companies that are in existence, the smaller run/local businesses are the ones doing the MOST hiring. In order to keep that trend moving in an upward fashion we need to actually go out and spend our money in these local small businesses to continue the circulation and flow of these finances in our towns. It is an absolute economic advantage.

2. Customer Care: We know all too well and have experienced how difficult it can be to get in contact with someone… ANYONE in customer care in bigger businesses/brands. Though some large companies pride themselves in great customer service it can be very difficult to create the same experience for all customers at such a large scale. Unlike smaller businesses that are more able… and sometimes more willing to provide impeccable customer care because they not only value each individual customer, but they understand the importance of having their customers satisfied to ensure that they return. They are aiming to please more often than not because customers are the back bone of small businesses.

3. Honesty: I received an email this morning from a small business owner who owns a particular natural hair care brand. It was an email explaining why she has chosen to stay a smaller business despite the various contacts she has made to taking her business to the next larger scale. She declined the offers stating that it would cause her to become untrue to her brand and she decided to stick to her formula and essentially sticking to her guns in order to provide the best quality product for her customers. I appreciated the honesty and that message, especially in a time when people can often be blinded by the shiny coins and abandon what caused their customers to gravitate to them in the first place. Smaller businesses sometimes don’t want to hit the ultimate “big business” platform. Of course I’m sure they want to make money but they care about putting good products out there as well.

4. Community Support: Smaller businesses are already giving back to the community economically because of the higher employment rate trend, but they also often give back to the community in other ways as well. With fundraisers, community building socially as well as financially the small local business, or small brand becomes a staple in the town or community it is invested in.

5. Creativity & Product Diversity: This couldn’t be any more true than in the natural hair community! When you support small businesses you push people to become competitive and creative. With creativity pushed to the limit more entrepreneurs expand their brand to bring something new and fresh to the market. We’ve seen this, this year alone with the expansion of many brands into makeup, hair accessories, tools, extensions, and products. Because they know that the next small business could capitalize and corner the market they are thinking out side of the box to bring you options.

6. Competition: A little friendly competition is not only healthy but it is best for the consumer. With competition within the community kept within the local infrastructure of the town you as the consumer win. Prices will remain competitive and you will be more likely to catch a “Deal” or “sale” in your town versus a major corporate business that has cornered the market. This will also help keep prices down contrary to popular belief that all small businesses jack up the prices compared to a larger chain.

7. Entrepenuership: This by far is one of my favorite reasons! America was built on the strength of entrepreneurs. We are always creating, innovating, and bringing forth something new and exciting. I am always amazed and surprised when something new and surprising pops up into the natural hair community, and I’m always excited to see what people will think of next. Supporting small businesses is providing support for current entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the making.

This is why Trials N’ Tresses will be kicking off the holiday season providing you with opportunities/ discounts to purchase from companies that you may never have even heard of. Or companies you shy away from because they price just may not be right for you at the time. Saturday November 29th is Small Business Saturday!!! Right smack in the middle of our 25 day holiday celebration filled with giveaways and discounts. We will be hosting our very first Twitter Party sponsored by BelNouvo! Check out the flier below! Take it share it and come join the party as we celebrate small business Saturday!
belnuovo flier

And we’re not just stopping there! This holiday season TNT has 20+ small brands/businesses showing out what they are all about and cutting you a DEAL to be introduced to their brand. So stop on by and by a few gifts for your curl friends, mothers, aunts, sisters…etc. Support those that give back to us!

Hey there! I’m Melissa, co-founder of Trials n Tresses, natural hair and beauty lover, binge tv watcher and lover of life. When I am not creating content for TNT, I’m busy teaching the future of society.