I recently ran into this poem and I can’t stop watching/ falling in love with. Not only does it personally speak to me, but I can without a doubt bet that it connects to many black woman. Especially in these trying times of social and racial unrest, these two college students at the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational in April went on to call out and further school black men on their biggest short coming: Turning their backs on the black woman that has so graciously and continuously stood by their side.

The poem touches on so much of the BS that we as black woman must put up with or face on our own. The poets go on to state in a powerful manner:

I grew up learning how to protect men who hate me…learned how to be the revolution spit-shining their spines

That line struck a chord in me as it is a sentiment I have been feeling for quite a long time, as we stand on the battle field in full force to fight off racial profiling and police brutality against black men, yet we stand alone when it comes to the rights and equal treatment of black women.

These two women represented NYU and went on to win the competition. To watch the full video click the play button below.

What are your thoughts on the video/spoken word? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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