Let me just come straight out and say it; No one wastes my own time better than myself. I am well aware of the mess I often get myself into when I let procrastination get the best of me. And that my lovelies… is quite often. Drowning is an art form that I am very accustomed to.

I am easily distracted and like to label it as “multitasking”, but really it’s me strategically setting myself up for failure. (At this current moment I’m writing this post while watching/listening to a Youtube video on the new Instagram algorithm, another video on how to grow your IG account, lesson planning for summer school, and checking my Twitter feed.


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People ask me quite often how I am able to be a full time teacher, create content for Trials N’ Tresses and create content for Millennial In Debt. My usual initial response is: “Never sleep and pretty much die every day”.

But in all seriousness, once I enter that “drowning” mode, I unplug from everyone and everything in order to get shit done. That is easier said than done, and is probably not the easiest or healthiest way to do things. So as I try to be more insightful in my every day life, I’m putting this post together for you… and for me too!

millennials waste time

Three Ways Millennials Waste Time & How To Fix It

1. Cellphones: This was already something you knew was going to be on the list so it only makes sense that it is number one. My cellphone is the biggest distraction in my life and is a serious drain on me getting things accomplished in a timely manner. It is also one of the main reasons I don’t get as much sleep as I should. From games to Youtube videos to online shopping, my cellphone is a part of my every day life in both a positive and negative way.

Solution: For you to overcome the cellphone distraction the easiest and best solution is to put the phone away. It doesn’t have to be for the entire day, but you’d be surprised just how much you can get done and how much more sleep you can get without the constant distraction of your phone in your hand. My self control dwindles every now and then so in order for me to really get work done I’ll often turn off my phone, iPad, and Messages on my laptop. This way I won’t have any direct distractions, and can focus on the task at hand.

The last thing you can try is the “no cell phones” in bed rule. This rule is also great if you are in a relationship that seems tormented by TV and technology. But if you’re like me and sleep alone… well this rule is really just to help you get more sleep and manage your time better. The “no cellphones in bed” rule means that once I get into bed that the cellphone doesn’t come with me. It also means that when I wake up the first thing I do is not cellphone related.

2. Selfies: This affects men just as much as it affects women so don’t be fooled ladies… men love their selfies too. Have you ever been getting ready to go somewhere, or arrived at your destination only to be 10-15 minutes late because you gotta hit them angles for multiple selfies. And it’s not just the picture… its the multiple pictures that are being taken that then have to be edited and posted with a cool witty caption. It’s a time consuming exhausting process… (but when you get a good one you just know)

Solution: The solution for decreasing your selfies is a little harder than the previously menitioned solution. Of course there will be many that say simply have self control. Unfortunately we all know that it is not that simple. Besides turning your phone off as an option, you can also give yourself a selfie limit to control the amount of time you take creating the perfect Instagram post. I’ve decided that I will take no more than 3 selfies no matter where I’m going or what I’m doing in order to not only save time, but to actually enjoy the moment of what it is I’m experiencing in real life.

3. Social Media: This was another thing millennials spend way too much time on including myself. Social media is a gift and a curse. The ability to share information at the click of a button has really helped us progress as people and also ruin our time management on a grand scale. The “feed” is a dangerous place to stay. I’ve spent so much time in my car, on my couch and in my bed lost in social media when I have so many other things to do.

Solution: There are several apps out there aimed at helping track and limit the amount of time you spend on distracting social media apps. I tried one for a day or two, and while it was informative I didn’t want to shell out the extra coin (most are now subscription based) to help me control my impulse. Instead I try several other ways to stay off the gram some more effective than others. One step to lowering your social media interaction is to take time off from it consistently. About three years ago I started taking one day off a month from social media. Each year I would up it. So now I go three solid days a month without engaging on any social media platforms. I’m trying to get up to four times… so that I can essentially take off one day a week instead of three straight days in a row. What you can also try is taking off one weekend a month, or if you’re truly addicted start slow with 1-2 hours a day.

There’s nothing that annoys me than going on vacation or to dates/dinners with people and they are constantly on their phones. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. So I also make a conscious effort not to use my phone, specifically social media when I am outside with people living life. I don’t check in or post while I am actually doing the activity. Instead I post later/after in order to really enjoy the moment. It’s an imperfect system, as sometimes I catch myself slipping, but making the effort to limit my time on social media is a step in the right direction to better time management and living in general. My last effort at limiting social media is the”one hour” rule. This means I don’t go on social media within the first hour that I wake up (this also helps me set my morning gratitude and affirmations without being distracted by my phone first thing when I wake up) and and the last hour before I go to bed.

What are some other ways you think millennials waste time? Share your time wasting stories with us in the comment section below.