We’re five days into the New Year, and in the first full week of January. I’m sure we have all made our resolutions whether that is to lose weight (which we’ll tackle at a later date/ a different challenge) or to save more money to go on vacations, lower our debt…etc. Here at TNT we like the holistic approach to improve the quality of life on many different levels. So we are totally all about saving money consistently and taking you along the ride with us! Bring in our 52 Week Money Savings Challenge!

So how does it work you ask & how do you get started? Easy !

Sign up to the specific money saving challenge mailing list here.
What do you get when you sign up:

  • When you sign up for this you will receive bi-weekly money saving tips/tricks that you wont receive any where else from us on the blog
  • Monthly Check Ins to see how you are doing. What week you should be on/ how much you should have saved & What are your struggles/triumphs?
  • A killer support system from the other participants in the money savings challenge
  • And each month we’ll be selecting five participants to share their money savings challenge here on the blog and our other social media platforms.

Even though we are starting today (January 5th) if you miss the entry date its no big deal! This is a 52 week challenge! So you can start whenever you’d like as long as you go the 52 weeks to get the sweet sweet reward of saving: 1378.00 dollars by the end of your challenge.

How do you get started actually saving:

Well the rules are pretty simple and listed below in this nifty chart circulating the net. But how are we doing it a bit differently?
Instead of starting with the 1.00 dollar on week 1 like most challenges require we’ve decided to go with the new “backwards” list because lets face it saving more money towards the holiday season is a lot harder than saving it now when your resolutions are still fresh in your head.

Week 1: Anytime this week put aside 52.00 dollars (I recommend putting it in a new fresh banking account just for this challenge preferably instead of a shoebox in your home) That makes it harder for you to accidentally spend it!! Cash is my weakness so I’ll be using a banking account to track my savings.

Week 2: You would save 51.00 dollars (may be a little more difficult if you’re working on a bi weekly pay scale like I am) but you make it work however you see fit. If not you can add 101.00 dollars during the third week which would be your pay week. (Just a tweak that could work… but once you start “owing” your self in the challenge it may make it difficult to get back on track)

You continue so on and so forth until you reach week 52 and have a whopping extra 1378.00 in your hands without ever giving in more than 52 dollars for the week towards your saving. This could so put you in the seat of an awesome vacation (which I know that is what I’m aiming for)

So what are you waiting for let’s get started !!

1. Sign up for your bi weekly support from others in the money savings challenge below!
2. Repost the following graphic on any of your social media platforms using the #TNTMoneySavingChallenge and let the world know you’re saving big bucks with loads of support behind you!! Good luck to all!

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