Probably the two most sought after aspects of blogging is getting free stuff and making boat loads of money. Since I haven’t mastered the second aspect by any means of the imagination I figure I’d help bloggers and non bloggers alike achieve the first. Getting Free stuff… is a lot easier than it may seem, but does require a bit of know how/minor work. Below I’ve listed the top 6 easy ways I’ve managed to get free stuff that will work for you as well.

6 Ways To Get Free Stuff:

Pinch Me

PINCHme is a quick easy way to get your hands on free sample and full size products from companies such as Shea Moisture, Garnier, Neutrogena, Sinful Colors, Dove, SkinnyGirl, Kellog, Suave, and much more. I signed up for PINCHme back in April of 2014 and since then I’ve received a few trinkets here and there that I’ve enjoyed. My favorite has been the full size Shea Moisture African Black Soap bar, and Sinful Colors nail polish. All you have to do is sign up here with either your email address, Facebook, or Twitter account. Once you’ve signed up you fill out a profile and answer a few survey questions (you get reward points for doing so but I don’t know what the points are good for just yet), they put together samples that appeal to your likes. Once a month they release a set of different samples (usually at 12pm EST on a Tuesday) and you select the samples you want sent to you. No shipping fees, no hassle, and you get you give feedback on the products once you’ve received/used them.


This my dear readers is one of my favorite sites to get free stuff with little to no work (you still do have to do stuff if you want the big stuff… but I’ll get to that soon). Influenster is a social site that sends out a “Vox Box” 2-3xs a month with different themes and products (most are FULL sized products). I signed up for Influenster in April as well and in 8 months of being a part of the site I’ve received two Vox Boxes to try and review. How Influenster works is you sign up and connect all of your social media platforms. They then calculate your reach (how many followers you have on each platform) but to be honest the amount of followers you have doesn’t really play a big toll in whether or not you get chosen for a Vox Box of goodies. Their selection to participate is a healthy mix of reach and active participation on the site. There are badges you can unlock based on your interests by taking short surveys (a minute or less) and reviewing products you have tried/liked or didn’t like. The more active you are the more likely it is for you to receive a Vox Box. Once you receive the box there’s different activities Influenster offers you to do interact/incorporate the products from the box. My #VitalityVoxBox Review consisted of some dope products including a great lip balm (that costs almost 4 dollars in stores… YIKES), and the Vaseline Vox Box to help battle dry skin. You can sign up with Influenster here with your Facebook or email address and get started on the fun!


BzzAgent is very similar to Influenster in sending out full size products from different companies. In the 8 month time span I’ve been a BzzAgent I was a part of 4 campaigns not including the automatic first campaign all agents are apart of. Initially it seemed as though I would like BzzAgent more than Influenster simply for the volume of campaigns and free stuff I received in the first three months of signing up. I received a Coppertone campaign for sunscreen, Dr. Scholls Dreamwalk, Paula’s Choice Skin for acne, & Fisheye Wine tasting. These campaigns took me right through the summertime, and I haven’t receiveed another campaign since August (which is okay because that is when the Influenster Vox Box campaigns started kicking in). I’m not sure what made the campaigns stop, but this site is also pretty simple to be a part of and get started. Sign up here and take a few short surveys to help them get acquainted with your likes and dislikes. This site also gives you a set of directions to accomplish/achieve once you’ve received the package of samples/products. Good thing about this site is you also get coupons most of the time to give to your friends to get discounts on the products you are trying out.


I just got myself started on Smiley360 not too long ago, but the steps and sign up process are fairly simple. You sign up for Smiley360 here and fill out your profile. You get points for completing your profile and survey questions here as well. I’m assuming the more points you get the more campaigns you get invited to join for sampling. Each campaign is about 10 weeks (which is about approximate for BzzAgent and Influenster as well) which gives you plenty of time to actually try the products and write up honest open reviews about what you have received. I’ll keep you updated with whether or not I receive some pretty dope products to try, and of course you’ll see reviews of whatever it is I get when the time comes.


CrowdTap may be the most difficult (to me anyway) site to use/get free stuff from because it seems to require way more work than the previously mentioned sites. However this site offers pretty dope prizes/giveaway and samples because they are working with some pretty big brands (i.e. Verizon, Amazon…etc). This site uses the brands actions instead of creating their own, therefore the brand is looking for specific things to be done and are shelling out the prizes based on how well or how many points you aquire/accumulate. Some of the actions and requirements are way more than a social media share or a simple two minute survey so I haven’t gotten my feet really wet in this aspect of achieving free samples or prizes. I’ll definitely need a bit more time to wrap my mind around what it is that they require (possibly during vacation or summer when I don’t have to work full time) You can sign up for CrowdTap here.


Not everyone is a blogger or wants to write reviews and thats perfectly okay. If you just want to get free stuff with little to no hassle, then is most definitely for you. I do blog and I still love the coupons, samples, and giveaways I find on FreeStufffinder without any hassle all in one place. On this site you get access to coupons to your favorite stores, and samples from your favorite brands. I have received loads of samples from Deodorant, toothpaste, lotion, fragrances… and much more. This by far is my favorite because most of the time all you have to do is sign up, like something on Facebook… so on and so forth without having to review anything afterwards. I’m also becoming an avid coupon junkie so this site helps to get the necessary discounts while shopping. And if you don’t know how obsessed I am with maximizing my saving you can see here how I scavenged my way to buying 14 gifts this holiday season under 400.o0 dollars.

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