On New Year’s Eve I found a meme on Instagram that pretty much summed up exactly how I was going to be living life in 2017:

best locations for a girls getaway

But I just couldn’t get “Lit AF” without bringing my girls along and dropping some jewels along the way. I’ve got quite a few trips planned for the year (I won’t mention any of them just yet until all ticket purchases are finalized… I get weird like that) and many of them are with some of the baddest (not so bougie but a little bit) and best girlfriends I have! So I’ve compiled this list of the 10 best locations for a girls getaway because 1. it helps me keep in mind where I’ve already been/enjoyed and where I need to head to/ cross off my list.

These locations are in no particular order and some are domestic while others are international. I’ve also tried to avoid the usual suspects when it comes to my suggestions, or the cliche destinations that get recommended quite often.  Either way… these destinations will provide memories to last a lifetime, and non stop envy causing photos for the Gram!

10 Best Locations For A Girls Getaway

best locations for a girls getaway


1. London: If you know me (and even if you don’t now you do) London is my absolute favorite city on the planet! I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know how it happened but I absolutely love love love London. I visited last August (catch a recap of my visit here) and fell in LOVE. And I did it with two of my best  friends and had a blast. London is definitely somewhere if you haven’t visited you want to head to and what better place to put on a fake accent then with your best girl friends!


2. San Francisco: San Francisco is on my list of cities in California that I just have to visit for many reasons. Though I’ve already been to Cali, I’m willing to break one of my rules of double visits on an already visited state just for San Fran! This city is beautiful and has so many fun activities to do with your ladies!

3. New Orleans: I’ve been trying to go to NOLA for the past two years and life always seems to get in my way. But… the beauty and dynamic culture in this city is unmatched and is definitely worth a visit with 5-6 of your friends to run a muck and eat as much as you want!

4. Seattle: Seattle is another city on my bucket list I haven’t yet visited, but with breathtaking views you have to conquer this city with your best gal friends.

5. Denver: While I definitely don’t have money to visit Aspen just yet, Denver has always been a city that has intrigued me and offers so much to do. I do recommend visiting with your girlfriends in the Spring or Summer unless you want to be stuck inside during a snow storm. Or… you can head out during the winter and hit the slopes!

6. Italy: Just look at that photo above.. uh can you say BEAUTIFUL! Haven’t ventured into all that is Italia but I get closer and closer to it every day!  Besides the beautiful sight seeing adventures, history, culture, food, and shopping, I hear the Italian men just love love love women. So if you’re looking for a new BAE, grab your passport and your friends, head to your nearest airport and head to Italy!

7. Croatia: I know what you’re thinking … uh what the hell is there to do in Croatia? Croatia is the home of the original Yacht Week. Want to sail around and be pampered? Who doesn’t ? Grab your girls and spend 7 days on a yacht being taken care of day in and day out as well as partying with other people at major yacht week parties!! Unstoppable good time, and guaranteed to make your friends green with envy on Instagram and Snapchat.

8. Las Vegas: So.. Las Vegas is a cliche recommendation I know and its been over done (especially due to the Hangover) but… going to Vegas 3 years ago was definitely a fun adventure that I’ll never forget. Head out to Vegas for a weekend with your best friends to celebrate a new job, an engagement, or a birthday. What happens in Vegas definitely stays in Vegas.

9.  Greece: Greece is just one of those places you have to visit with you best friends because who else is going to take stunning pictures of you while you sight see through all of the beauty that is Greek Culture. You can head to one of their beautiful beaches or take a walk to a delicious Greek restaurant. There’s plenty to do, just make sure you have plenty of space on your iPhone!

10. Spain: I’m not going to lie to you… the wanderlust in me loves to travel just because and I usually pick my locations randomly (For a brief while I was picking destinations based on where Fast and Furious movies were filmed). But… I want to go to Spain so I can sing “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” while dancing at a party in Ibiza. Besides that silly reason, Spain is just too beautiful to pass up and you can’t dance to Mike Posner in Ibiza without your best girlfriends dancing next to you!

What places have you visited lately that you think should be added to the list? Share your suggestions with us in the comment box below! Also follow along on our dedicated travel board on Pinterest!


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4 Responses to 10 Best Locations For A Girls Getaway

  1. I’ve been to New Orleans, Vegas and Cali (not San Fran). I can’t wait to visit Italy, Greece, and Spain. I would say Puerto Rico is worth putting on the list. It is beautiful with a rich culture. Switzerland is another beautiful country to visit as well. Great recommendations!