As I get ready to go back to work and say farewell to the summer I’m sharing my last few travels of 2018. I took a trip out to Fire Island and I highly recommend it for anyone in NYC looking for a getaway without wanting a long drive or expensive flight. This trip was a local trip I took for one of my friend’s 30th birthday celebration. She rented a house on Ocean Beach (there’s a bunch of different ports on the island and Ocean Beach is the most popular one) for the weekend and we had a dope time. These are the things you definitely need to know if you are thinking about visiting Fire Island.

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Where To Go: I’ve visited Fire Island over a good handful of times in the last 5-6 years. I’ve been able to visit several different ports/beaches and I’d like to think I know a thing or two about the best places to go to for a good time. On this trip we stayed at an Air BNB on Ocean Beach. Although Ocean Beach is the most popular beach, it is also one of the beaches with the most rules. “The Land Of No” as it’s most often called really lives up to that name. You can not eat, drink, or play music on the beach, nor can you walk around with anything besides a clear water bottle.

To get to Ocean Beach (and every port) by ferry it will cost you $10.00 bucks for a one way trip. To travel between ports you will have to take a water taxi and that price will vary. We visited Cherry Grove, which in my opinion is the way more fun beach, and that cost us $16.00 dollars one way. Cherry Grove has tons of restaurants and bars for you to enjoy and it is very rare you will run into destruction or no’s. Pine Grove is also another great port to visit for a live time with out people all up in your business trying to regulate our every move.

What To Do: Fire Island is the destination you go to when you don’t want to do too much, but just enough to relax and have fun. As the name would suggest, Fire Island is an island which means you will be doing beach things on the beach. There’s bike riding, a really cool light house you could visit, parasailing and more. You can also go to cute shops, restaurants, bars, watch a drag show, and more. I like to lay back and relax when ever I’m in a beach town, so grilling up some food, playing games, and chilling on the beach is a perfect day to me. This was exactly what I did for the weekend plus enjoy adult beverages. Remember Ocean Beach doesn’t allow eating or drinking on the beach, so if you’re not renting a house, you will have to do most of those activities in a bar or restaurant.

If you’re not a fan of nature, Fire Island may be a difficult sell for you. You will see lots of naturey things (I opened the door to our Air BNB and saw a deer across the street). Nothing has ever attacked so bring your bug spray and enjoy your time there.

Final Thoughts: I recommend attending Fire Island with your besties or bae. I am a huge beach fanatic and have been to the beach over 12 times this year. I would live on the beach if I could. So take what say with a grain of salt (no pun intended). If you love the beach vibe you will really love Fire Island. There’s no distractions and hoopla for you to get into. You go to Fire Island to relax and have fun. Be sure to have cash on you because most of the island is cash only. The up side is they do have an app that allows you to pay for ferry and water taxi tickets.

If you’re thinking about going to Fire Island for a day or a weekend I highly recommend planning in advance to make the trip go as planned. You can not drive to Fire Island so ignore all Google Map directions. Instead you have to park in Bayshore and take the Ferry to specific ports. You can also take the LIRR to Bay Shore and usually there will be a shuttle bus waiting there to take you to the Ferry for 5.00 bucks. There’s no readily available UBER pool, and they only seemed to have UBER XL when I went so .. if you’re in the mood you can even walk (its about a mile= 20 minute walk) Just make sure to time your arrival with the ferry times so you are not doing too much waiting.

Besides arrival you are definitely going to want to bring things from home. Everything  on Fire Island is super expensive so it was in our best interest to bring a ton of stuff before we got there. Yes traveling with it sucked, but we saved a ton of money in doing so. And even still, we spent a ton of money there as well when we ran out of stuff we should’ve brought more. So prepare and pack accordingly even if you are only going out to Fire Island for a day. Trust me. I spent 11 dollars on a slice of pizza and an ice cream cone… so do your advanced due diligence.

Fire Island


Fire Island