If you know anything about me then you know that one of my top favorite things to do is to travel. And not just travel here and there, but travel with real purpose. And even though I do love traveling domestically (Traveling All 50 States… Where to Next) I like to put my passport to good use whenever I can. This brings us to 2017 (well we’ve been in 2017 for about five months already haven’t we). In 2017 I’m planning to hit up 3 countries.. two of them over the summer. My second major stop on my summer vacation is going to be Croatia. I know you’re probably thinking… what? Why Croatia? Who goes to Croatia? Well… to be very clear… whatever country Beyonce has touched down in… I will be there! 

But back to our regularly scheduled programming… I actually booked my trip to Croatia before I even knew it was one of Bey’s favorite vacation spots. (And also home to filming of Game of Thrones ahh!). Besides that Croatia is also home to the famous 7 day exclusive Yacht Week. Yacht week has grown all over the world but the original route (and most exciting experience I hear) happens in Croatia.


How To Budget For Travel In Your 20’s 

If you’ve heard about yacht week and you’re excited to go but have no idea how to plan it or what to even do when you get there… I’ve got you covered on both ends. Well… let’s first start off with the planning part and we’ll save the experience and excursions for when I actually return from my trip. With out further adieu I bring to you (sorry I know that was corny) how to plan a trip to Croatia for Yacht Week with ease and the least amount of stress.

How to Plan A Trip To Croatia For Yacht Week

trip to croatia for yacht week

1. Find Your Travel Mates: I know this sounds silly and feels like it shouldn’t even be a factor in how to plan but… finding and securing your travel mates is crucial to securing the most budget friendly fiscal option. If you wait until the last minute to have friends jump on board the idea you will pay more. You need to pick reliable friends who can meet payment deadlines, and aren’t going to back out last minute. As far as I know (I  could be wrong I should look this up) there are no refund options. There may be some type of loop hole if you travel insurance through a vendor or travel agent of some sort but I don’t recall seeing that option during check out on the Yacht Week website. Yacht week is all about having a good time with your friends or family, so choose 4-10 reliable people and have a great time!

2. Pick your dates: Once you’ve gotten your travel mates in order, it’s time to head to the yacht week website and choose your dates. The yacht week schedule is in 7 day increments from the beginning of June to mid September. Working with multiple people’s schedules can be daunting (trust me… I’ve done it…and it’s annoying) but once you’ve all agreed on a week that works best for everyone schedule… head to step 3

3. Book The Trip: The earlier you book the trip the better. As you get closer to the date of your actual yacht week excursion you risk a few things. 1. You risk the boat options you wanted to be sold out. You also will have less control over the booking ratio. Yacht week likes to keep a healthy balance of men to women so as the dates get closer the ratio is controlled by those who have already booked and will make it more difficult for you if your group of travel mates don’t meet the ratio requirement. 2. You risk the entire week being sold out in its entirety. Yes it’s happened to several people. Many book their yacht week trip a year in advance to secure the dates they want and so they actually get on a boat. 3. The prices go up as you get closer to your dates. Yacht week is really good about letting you finance your trip. You get the option to pay in 3 installments or all at once. If you’re waiting on a friend … remind them that the closer the dates get the more money it will cost you. Book the trip as early as you can!

4. Travel Light:  LESS IS MORE! Though I haven’t packed my bags or experienced yacht week yet, a friend of a friend went last year and made something very very clear. There is not a TON of space aboard the yacht no matter what size boat you choose. If you think you are going to bring aboard 3-4 large suitcases… guess again. For me this is going to be hard because I’m coming straight from Italy, but if you are coming from home (or just a much lighter packer than me) focus on bringing very light clothing options (leave the heels and sneakers behind… trust me after a quick Google search you’ll realize you won’t need them at all). Focus on packing swimsuits, coverups, and maybe a few maxi dresses/ skirt options. You’ll be partying for a good majority of the time, and if you’re really having a good time will probably be drunk most of the time as well (Sorry… not sorry!) So leave the expensive jeans and sweaters behind… pack light and enjoy the experience.

I’ll be heading to Yacht week in August and I can’t tell you how excited I am. Be ready for your feeds and stories to be FLOODED! Until next time!