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We’ve heard it time and time again: treat yo’ self.

Had a bad day: treat yo’ self. Achieved something difficult: treat yo’ self. Successfully completed a diet: treat yo’ self. That phrase may be single handedly ruining our waist lines, and our millennial spending/ saving habits . While it is absolutely necessary to treat yo’ self, and I do it probably a little more than I should, you still must proceed with caution.

In a time when self care and mental health are often over looked for the hustle and grind, I had to find a way to still treat myself while watching out for my wallet. There is absolutely without a doubt a way for you to both treat yourself and keep the majority of your money in your bank account.


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treat yourself on a budget

The Broke Girl’s Guide To Self Care:

How To Treat Yourself On A Budget

1. Yoga: Yoga used tot be something out of reach for people who had a lower income/budget. However we have come quite a long way. If you’re living in a major city chances are that your city will offer “Yoga in the park” during the Spring and Winter season (perhaps even the Fall). Besides free yoga in the park, there are two other options.

The first option: check out Groupon for yoga deals near you. Most of the time you can get a couple of classes for a decent amount of money. Besides that, in NYC specifically there are yoga studios that are extremely affordable. I’m talking 5-7 dollars a class affordable. Agora Yoga in Astoria,  NY was my go to for budget friendly yoga classes before I signed up for my gym membership at LA Fitness. I highly recommend them, you just have to get there a little early because the classes do filled up pretty quickly.

2. Relaxing Playlist: Music can heal the soul. I can’t tell you how many times on a bad day, or a difficult moment, listening to a particular song or playlist can get help greatly improve my mood. Let’s not even talk about how much more effective my workouts are at the gym with a killer playlist. Create a playlist for yourself on whatever music service you use in order for you to tackle any part of your day. I’ve got a playlist for every place I travel to, a workout playlist, a beach playlist, and my favorite: a relaxing/ calming playlist. 

3. Your Favorite TV Show: I’m a massive binge watcher and can get addicted to TV shows really easily, which is why I intentionally don’t watch any new TV or Youtube during the school year. I also don’t watch shows on a week to week basis. Instead I save my tv time for when I really need to relax and have time to relax. (Ps: make time for yourself to relax because you’ll never really have time just lying around). Throwing on your favorite TV show when you are stressed can really help take your mind off all of the grey noise going on around you. (it can also be a bit of escape so make sure to use this step when appropriate).

4. Take Your Self To A Movie: If you live in NYC I know you’re probably thinking: “girl movies are expensive as hell” and you’d be right! However you have options. Much like with Yoga, NYC offers free movies in the park during the summer months. Groupon does have movie deals every now and then, and movie theaters also offer cost effective options (think 5 dollar Tuesdays).

5. At Home Facial: Facials can be really costly, even when you have a Groupon deal (you can still check out those facial deals) so I do my facials at home instead. The Korean beauty market is really taking off and the facial masks that have everyone looking like monsters are a big trend. They are a part of my facial routine as well as my Q-Redew for steaming purposes. Take care for your skin and relax at home for the super low.

6. Scented Candles: I’ve never been a really big scented candle person, but some how kept getting them as gifts. So around Christmas time I decided to just use them all up (I was really trying to clean up/ get rid of them without being wasteful) and surprisingly enough they were very relaxing. It was a mix of the scents, and the candle light coupled with me re-binge watching Game of Thrones that made Christmas break really chill/ relaxing.

7.Coloring Book: I know this sounds very juvenile and weird, but adult coloring books are very much a thing. My best friend gave me a coloring book for Christmas and I very much plan on using it this summer on my flights and just extremely stressful moments (like writing/ creating Millennial In Debt season 2). Get your hands on an adult coloring book and some crayons/ colored pencils. Trust me, it sounds like kids play but it is really therapeutic.

What are some ways/methods you practice self care without breaking the bank? Share them with me so I can stela them and we can all be relaxed !







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