Every year since I was fifteen years old (courtesy of One Tree Hill) I started writing down goals on my birthday that I wanted to achieve during the course of the year. I was never big on celebrating New Year’s Day but felt more so that my birthday was the new beginning for me. The new chance to get things right and unavoidably of course get things wrong. The amount of goals I’d create would relate to the age that I was turning, and I had 365 days to get as many of those goals done as possible.

Last year was the first time I showed the world my list of 26 goals and this year I thought I’d do the same. I was able to scratch off 15 goals on my list of 26 and this year thought I want to hit all 27 I’m hoping to at least get to 20! So here is my list of the 27 goals I have and want to achieve/accomplish at twenty seven years old (Sheesh… I’m getting old!)

Twenty Seven Goals At Twenty Seven

1. Give up meat one week a month

2. Apply & get into principal program

3. Give up social media 2xs a month for the entire day

4. Get involved with more charity/ community service work

5. Allow myself to be loved unconditionally

6. Decrease/ eliminate self destructive behavior

7. Spend more time with my family (especially my parents)

8. Continue to be a better friend

9. Listen more instead of just hearing

10. Be present in the moment more often than not

11. Maintain current weight

12. Continue to battle and defeat PCOS like a soldier

13. Read 27 books I’ve never read

14. Continue to grow the Trials N Tresses brand

15. Pay off 1/3 of student loan debt

16. Invest my time, energy, and emotions wisely instead of frivolously

17. Forgive & Make amends

18. Hold fewer grudges/make fewer rash decisions

19. Teach 1 new book/ 1 new concept

20. Workout 4-5xs a week

21. Make time to be alone and do/plan nothing once a month

22. Jump out of a plane

23. Leave the country 2xs this year

24. Celebrate 10,000th day in a major way

25. Cook & Taste a new dish I’ve never tried before

26. Write more frequently for myself

27. Grow Up

What are some goals you’ve set in motion for yourself this year? Share them in the comments below!

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One Response to Twenty Seven Goals At Twenty Seven #ThisIsTwenty7

  1. Every new year I always had a resolution list set up which I hardly followed…and its ironic coz my bday is the last day of the year..loool..I am hitting the big 3-0 though and I really want to make some changes.. Ur list looks more realistic and do able..I think I would do one for myself..thanks for the post