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Valentine’s Day is in a few weeks, and with that comes the pressure to go all out and treat your BAE to a good time. This sometimes can also put a ton of pressure on  your wallet. Statistically couples spend on average 287.12 dollars a year on Valentine’s Day. That’s a whopping 143 dollars just to show someone you love them for this one day. I don’t know about you, but a shawty got a whole mortgage right now and I’ve got quite a few adulting pressures already. Adding to it with the need to get a perfect Valentine’s Day gift/outfit/ date idea is just too much for me.


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However with everything I tell/show you, I like to give you the opportunities to have just as much fun (if not more) on a realistic and effective budget. And this my friends is what I am going to do in terms of how to date within your means, and most specifically how to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget.Valentine's Day Date Ideas On A Budget

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas On A Budget

1. DIY Dinner Date

Going out on Valentine’s Day to a nice fancy (or even not that fancy) restaurant is going to be annoying for two reasons. 1) It’ll be crowded AF because everyone’s got the same thought process on V-Day 2) it is going to cost a pretty penny. Instead cut out the middle man and make your own romantic DIY dinner date at home. Plan out the menu together with your significant other, and make the meal together in the kitchen. Eating dinner together will be the ultimate prize if ya’ll haven’t killed each other during the planning and preparation part of this evening. Bon Appetite! 

2. Cuddle Kit

I’m not particularly a huge fan of cuddling because my body goes into super hot/sweaty mode really quickly without much effort. However I’m always down for quick short spurts of cuddling. A sexy/romantic and budget friendly Valentine’s Day option is to create a cuddle kit in your own with things you probably already own or can go out and grab for the low low. You can incorporate cute little things like huge fluffy pillows, popcorn,  your favorite fruit (perhaps covered in chocolate that you’ve dipped yourself if you’re really feeling bout it bout it!)

3. Hit The Gym

I don’t know about ya’ll but I love going to the gym (I know it’s weird… who loves going to the gym) and I love physical activity. Rock climbing, running, you name it I’m doing it. So for me… heading to the gym on Valentine’s Day with a significant other sounds like a dope way to spend time together and get our summer bodies in shape. Plus you get to get all sweaty together and I don’t know about you but that’s a little romantic to me!

4. Recreate First Date

There’s nothing more sweet and romantic then recreating your first date, especially if it is with someone you have dated for quite some time. Rekindle your flame, by heading to the same places/place that you went to. And if that first date was hella pricey (because dates are getting more and more expensive lately, try recreating certain parts of it (not all) that fit into your budget. Perhaps walking down the same streets/block that you did on your first date, wearing the same outfit (if you still fit/remember what it was)…small things that will make the moment special without breaking the bank.

5. Ice Cream Date

I have an unhealthy obsessive love for ice cream and I’m always down for ice cream dates any time, anywhere and with anyone. It’s sick really, but for the most part ice cream is particularly affordable. There are some places that are a bit pricier than others, but for Valentine’s Day I think an ice cream splurge is more than okay. You and your partner can pick a trendy ice cream place to spot to visit and have at it.

6. Create A Dope Experience

This option/idea is open to  your own interpretation of your partner and what they may like/enjoy. I’m all about creating dope memorable experiences that I can talk about for years to come. For me that is more important than buying actual gifts/things and that is why I love to travel so much. Experience is irreplaceable currency. Therefore take some time to think/research something you and your BAE could get into that wouldn’t be too much money and would be memorable forever. I recommend starting with a quick Google search about your hometown. You never know what experience can be born from tying together a few cute/free/quick activities across town.

7. Spa Date

I know you’re thinking “WHAT… Spa’s are so expensive” and they are. But for this spa date all you need are your favorite scents, your home, your partner, and a little ingenuity. Yup… you’re going to create an at home DIY spa  and have your spa date from the comfort of your own home. You can create DIY salt or sugar scrubs, pick up your favorite fragranced lotions and essential oils and take turns giving each other relaxing massages. Top it off with scented candles and a bubblebath you’ve got all the fixings for a great at home Valentine’s Day spa date without the high costs, and stresses of the outside world.

8. Movie Night

This one is your choice: you can do an at home movie night or actually head out to the movies. Either way a little popcorn, some nachos and a great flick will save you a pretty penny and still give you some cuddling time in the dark with your loved one. Be careful of 3D movies and buying snacks at the concession stand though… because those can rack up funds really quickly.

9. Sight See

It may be a bit chillier than summer, but it doesn’t mean you can’t go sight see in your area. I live in New York, and have lived here all my life and I still have things I haven’t seen in my hometown.  Take the time to do some research about the cool things to do and see in your city, then pick one or two of them and DO IT!

What ideas are you looking forward to trying this Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment in the box below and let us know.