Hey lovelies! So this isn’t going to be so much focused on hair or fitness as most of my posts are. This is going to be more so about you (or about me I guess). This week was such a mentally taxing week, that it started to take a toll on me physically. I was exhausted and not very nice to the people around me. But hey it happens, and it is important to surround yourself around people who love you and can take a few rough moments every now and then.

So I sat down to think what to write today and I really thought it was important to share how I reclaimed who I normally am and got back to normal after a series of tough days (these steps can help bounce back from more than just one day) Below I share 5 ways I bounced back after the week from hell just in time to enjoy my weekend with the ones I love.

5 Ways To Bounce Back After A Tough Day

1. Focus on the difficult parts of the day: I know that sounds counter productive in your process of bouncing back, but stay with me! Sit down for a moment or two, doesn’t need to take a long time or become a lengthy process. Sit down… gather your thoughts and focus on what it is that made this day so terrible or difficult. Then… think about if there are things/steps you can do to change/alter or avoid the situations that created such negativity in your day. The rest of the things you can not change in the scenario LET THEM GO! No I will not break into a rendition of the soundtrack from Frozen though… I was very tempted to. Think about what you can change from what happened, think about what is in your power… everything else is not worth a second thought. Let it go and move on!

2. Do An Activity You Love: You should have 4-6 (maybe even more… if there’s more consider yourself lucky/blessed) things or activities that you just love to do. It can be anything from watching tv (though I kinda hope it isn’t… no judgement if it is), reading a book, jogging, cooking, painting…etc anything! Any activity that sets your heart at ease… get up and do it. Don’t stop to think about the other things you may have to do with your day, you are bouncing back and you should do something you love.

3. Write Or Talk: For me I prefer to write (though many of my loved ones would prefer if I talk it out but to each their own). Write about your day. Write about what happened and explain everything in detail fro your perspective. Sometimes all we need is to vent, or see the full picture in front of us. Because I don’t particularly want advice or feedback I prefer to write down my day and see it in front of me. You can throw that paper away when you are done venting, which can be even more therapeutic, or you can keep it in your diary to revisit later when you are battling a new problem. Seeing your thoughts or how you handled different situations can help you see things differently as you mature and grow from day to day.

4. Increase your heart rate: One of the best things for me to release stress, anger, frustration is to do something active. It can be anything I’m not particularly picky. Nothing helps me wash and reset a day then going for a run, or doing yoga. It’s a mentally freeing experience to have your problems seeping through your pores in the form of sweat. Drop down and do some cardio or something relaxing for 15-20 minutes where you focus all your thoughts on yourself and your body. You’ll find once you are done the day will see momentarily less stressful as you relish in your physical accomplishments.

5. Reset your mind/attitude: This one is big for me and can be most cathartic. I recently signed up for an Oprah/Deepak 21 day guided meditation. I used this meditation this week to help reset my mind and attitude right before I went to bed. I gave myself a set time (which was the 20 minute meditation session) to work myself through my thoughts and emotions on the day. Once the time was up I was done with the situation. There was nothing else to be done, nothing else to be thought about it because it would make no difference/ make no change. Working myself sick for longer than the allotted time would just make it worse. Instead I showered, meditated myself through my thoughts and went to sleep when the time was up. In the morning I woke up more refreshed and prepared to tackle what the upcoming day would bring.

What are some ways you have used to work yourself through a terrible/ tough day? Share your thoughts and methods below!

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