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So far so good right… I’ve been a woman of my word and I’ve turned this thing into an actual series! Woohoo! Let me not get ahead of myself its only been three weeks… but you should be proud of the dedication I had just to prepare this post alone. This week I’m sharing what I’m wearing on my train commute… well because one I looked extra cute this week and 2. taking the train definitely causes a lot of thought when laying out my clothes the night before.

When I used to drive to work I didn’t really care what I wore, as long as it was appropriate. For the most part weather didn’t matter because… I was driving. Most importantly I always knew I was never more than a few blocks away from my car so I was generally pretty relaxed about the whole clothes prep thing. Fast forward a few months and as a real NYC public transportation commuter… what I’m wearing is absolutely important for several reasons.

  1. You need to be comfortable on the train. So my 5-6 inch heels are getting a tremendous break because I’m no Carrie Bradshaw. I climb up and down a giant hill every morning/afternoon and as cute as my outfits would be with my gorgeous heels… my ankles aren’t having it. I did bring a pair of heels in my bag the first day of work… and then I realized just how much heavier they made my bag… so no!
  2. You don’t want to have any wardrobe malfunctions while traveling or at work. When I had my trusty car near by I knew I had a change of clothes, sneakers… my whole LIFE in my car in case of emergencies. Now for the better part of the day my car and I are at least 45 minutes apart so I need to plan for the unexpected and plan again.

So the outfits I’ve been wearing on my commute are trendy/fashionable while still being fully NYC functional. Take a look at what I’m wearing on my commute.

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Girl On The Train: What I’m Wearing On My Commute


1. Monday: I like to fight off the “Monday Blues” by looking cute. Cute to me… usually includes two things that don’t go together and putting them together. A skirt and a denim blouse used to be that go to for me… but now it’s trendy! Ahh go figure… ! But this is one of my favorite Fall looks all for under $60.00 bucks!



Faux Suede Pleated Midi Skirt
Chambray Classic Denim Shirt
Faux Suede Booties (similar style)
Kat Von D lipstick “Vampira”
Versace Glasses (similar style)


2. Tuesday: NYC is having a slightly warm October and I for one am thrilled about that. So even though I packed away all of my spring and summer clothes to make way for the heavy winter clothes (blah) I got to bring some of them back out this past week.      img_0061 img_0054

Maxi Dress (similar style)
Denim Vest 
Black Keds 
NYX Monte Carlo Lip Creme 

wearing on the commute

Wednesday: Again… don’t be fooled by all my Spring time fly… October is usually not this great but while it is I will enjoy it. This was one of my favorite looks this week and yes… I double dipped with the denim vest. It’s my go to piece to cover up my spaghetti straps so I can still be “professional ish” at work. This skirt was made for me by my friend over at Lea Bay My Style  but if you don’t have the time to get a skirt made, I’ve linked something similar as well!

wearing on the commute

Distressed Denim Vest 
Black Cami
Ankara Midi Skirt
Converse Sneakers
NYX Suede Lipstick “Oh Put It On” 

wearing on the commute

Thursday: And by Thursday I’m pretty much almost over taking pictures of my outfits … just as much as I’m pretty much over the week and dressing cute. We got rain on Thursday and Friday this week but the heavens opened up just in time for me to snap few pics of my less than stellar but still fully functional “Almost Friday” outfit. My favorite part of the outfit… my  cute little flats with a sparkly bow on the top. Just enough girly yet still perfect to run for the train.
wearing on the commute

Black Leggings
Vertical Striped Blouse (similar style)
Black Ballerina Flats  (similar style)

wearing on the commute

Friday :  Can you tell how happy I was to reach the end of the week? Again… lucky lucky lucky moment that the rain stopped just long enough for me to snap a few pics of this outfit. I bought this a few months ago to go to a bridal shower and really wanted to wear it again but thought it wasn’t appropriate enough for work. Then I figured you know what… there’s nothing a good pair of leggings can’t fix and voila went from being a “too short” dress to a nice long “shirt”. This dress is one of my faves and gives me that good 70s vibe without being too weird! I bought this from Forever 21 and even though they don’t have it on the site anymore I’ve linked three similar super cute dresses below for you to take your pick!

wearing on the commute   wearing on the commute wearing on the commute

Black Leggings
Oxford Shoes  (Similar style)
NYX Matte Lip Creme “Havana”
70s Style Bell Sleeved Dresses:

Which look was your favorite? I’m going with the maxi dress look! Share your thoughts with us below! See you next week!

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wearing on the commute

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