By now most of us have seen or at least heard of the Hollaback Catcalling video that was created as a means of drawing attention to the harassment that women deal with on a daily basis while simply walking down the street. The video has faced many criticisms in regards to only highlighting the behaviors and responses of minority men most specifically African American and Hispanic males. The creator of the video went on to apologize and clarify that it wasn’t their intention to do so and will be using funding from the video to create a broader spectrum. But… that would just only solve one exclusive issue with the video. Women also come in many shapes, sizes, and COLORS! Therefore women of color got together to show their own take on what it means to walk down the street as a women of color, and how the responses differ/vary. What I found most interesting was the way in which the cat calling varied/differed and focused mostly on their skin. What I loved the most… that these women handled/responded to the awkwardness of the situation in such an educated manner. It lets men, and women of all ages, races,…etc and ended with the important message that it is more than just about “black & white”. I felt that we were missing the overall message of the original video, and this video couldn’t have made a better response. WE need to include everyone’s voice, and people need to actually listen. Take a look at the full video from Jezebel tackles the women’s responses. Do you feel this video is a more accrurate portrayal? Does it show the plight of women facing harassment more realistically?

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