For the month of April our TNT Summer Ready Challenge is going to be kicking up another notch!!! But we’re not just increasing our activity level we are also changing our eating habits. In doing so we can adjust easier, when the challenge is over. By incorporating and keeping some things as a part of our lives even when the challenge is over we’ll have a healthier outlook on life.

We are adding herbal teas to our weight loss regimen this month. Last month I  completed the 14 day detox  from Cutea and had such great results I’ve decided to keep herbal teas as a part of my healthy lifestyle regimen.  But why and how does tea help you lose weight or cleanse? It’s just tea right? Wrong!

Certain herbs that can be found in teas help with the following: boosting metabolism, reducing cholesterol, detoxing, suppressing appetite, burning more calories and boosting energy levels. These benefits all contribute to weight loss that we often struggle with.

10 Best Herbal Teas To Help With Weightloss

hibiscus-tea1. Hibiscus Tea: We are big hibiscus tea drinkers in my house for several reasons beyond weight loss. Filled with antioxidants, hibiscus tea has so many health benefits. For weight loss purposes Hibiscus tea helps to reduce fat absorption but it can also help in lowering high blood pressure.

Is-Green-Tea-in-Skin-Care-Bad-for-Pregnancy2. Green Tea: I’m not a major fan of green tea but my family is also pretty big on drinking green tea and for good reason. Green Tea helps to maintain metabolic health. Green tea can also help burn calories which we all know are the evil gremlins that cause weight gain. Green tea is also great against fighting against other diseases like cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease.

peppermint-tea3. Peppermint Tea: I love love love peppermint tea! It is my all time favorite tea that I’ve been drinking for years (especially when I’m sick it makes me feel better/ more comfort)! Peppermint tea helps speed up digestion and lowers your cravings. Less emotional eating means less emotional pounds.

gingertea4. Ginger Tea: Ginger has so many health benefits (though I’m not a fan because of how strong it tastes it’s growing on me) While beneficial in lowering cholesterol, ginger is also anti-inflammatory. As a natural appetite suppressant its no surprise that it can be beneficial in the weight loss process. Ginger is also beneficial for the digestion process and production of cortisol that lowers the increase in belly fat and weight gain.

IM000952.JPG5. Oolong Tea: Amazingly this tea helps to help in burning fat and reducing cholesterol. In doing so this helps to prevent weight gain and cause weight loss.

White-Tea6. White Tea: White tea possesses the richest amount of antioxidants because of the way it is dried and prepared. White tea boosts the breaking down of fat in your body and actually blocks the formation of fat cells. Well hello white tea! This will help the most in keeping your tummy toned and lean!

bilberry-tea7. Bilberry Tea: Bilberry Tea helps to lower and balance your sugar levels. This also helps to reduce your cravings for sweets. This is extremely helpful for my ladies with a major sweet tooth! (and for those doing the 40 day sugar free detox along with me- We’ve got a few more days left!)

Best-Oolong-Tea8. Yerba Mate: I was just recently introduced to Yerba Mate tea, and I’m liking what his herb is all about. Yerba mate not only surpresses appetite but it also burns calories and fat. Three weight loss benefits in one tea… thank you very much!  Yerba mate is also full of antioxidants, 24 minerals and 15 amino acids. Uhh.. can we say it is super good for you! That would be an understatement!

Rose-Tea9. Rose Tea: Is great for detoxing! Rose tea clears out toxins in the body (also a natural laxative so to speak) that helps to prevent constipation, bloating, and contains several vitamins & antioxidants. These properties  are not only great for weight loss but also for great skin. Rose tea is naturally caffeine free so it is a great alternative to those trying to ween off of their caffeine addiction. My favorite part about drinking rose tea is that it contains Vitmains A-E (well hello alphabet!) Feiyan Tea: This tea is a girls best friend! Why? Because it reduces bloating (which makes my midsection insane during that time of the month) and also improves metabolism while surpressing appetite. The detox process that this tea causes focuses on stimulating oxidation to eliminate fat. This tea is also naturally caffeine free.

A new tea I’ve stumbled across is Teami Detox Tea that I’ll be drinking for the next 30 days. This tea consists of three of the herbs mentioned above so I was interested to see how they would work together. I’ll be sharing my progress along the 30 days since I’m constantly in search of ways to tackle my stubborn belly. I’ll continue to work out 4-5xs a week and see what the transformation looks like! You can get your hands on this tea here and using code TRESSES10 gets you 10% off all purchases! Happy tea time loves!

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