We’re approaching the end of week two for 20 Week TNT Summer Ready challenge focused/ centered on living a healthier lifestyle and transforming our bodies, diets, and minds to a much healthier version of our selves. If you haven’t signed up/ registered yet there is still a bit of a time for you to get involved before all the good stuff starts taking off… and TRUST us we have some really good stuff in store for our registrants. So what are you waiting for? Sign up here to get started on the journey with us to healthier lives and get our summer bodies right!

Our 40 day Sugar free detox is on its way (February 18th- March 30th) and I’ve been sharing some extra tips with our registrants here! But if you haven’t made your way over to our personal Pinterest board here’s a tidbit and peak at what you’re missing. Below is a free printable to keep on your smartphones and tablets that will help give you options of 25 different healthy snacks that are predominantly sugar free (free of refined sugars not natural sugars). So when you feel like giving up on the challenge especially during the sugar free portion, you have options to turn to. And trust me… popcorn was one of my biggest saviors when I tackled this alone last year. And while I was successful I’m so excited to tackle it again this year with all of you that signed up and have been so excited/supportive of the movement. I’m definitely happy and humbled! And if you haven’t signed up don’t worry you’re still in luck and have a bit of time to do so/ get on board. Clicking here registers you for the Summer challenge, gets you details on the sugar free life you’re going to be living and provides some grocery shopping tips. So again… what are you waiting for! I can’t wait to have you join in with me!

25 Healthy Snacks (Free Printable)

25 healthy snacks