did you sign up Have you signed up for our #TNTSummerReady 20 week challenge. Summer bodies are made in the winter so we are coming together to bring you loads of things to get you on the right track to a happier, healthier version of yourself in time for the summer. This challenge doesn’t only aim to bring you to that point but to help you stay at that point by making several life changes for the long haul. In this challenge you will be exposed to various different activities, cleanses, detoxes, workouts and more all for free. You will also receive group motivational support!! This 20 week detox starts today (February 2nd) but with all lifestyle changes you need a smooth transition so it is not too jarring. We have the monthly calendar out now for our participants so if you haven’t signed up yet it’s not too late! To sign up for the challenge register here! You will receive the welcome email with a brief over view of the February break down and the visual calendar to store on your phone for a continuous reminder (let’s face it most of us are visual learners anyway)!

This challenge has a little something for everyone. No matter if your budget is big or small, your time is limited or if you have nothing but time! There are adjustments and activities for you to do! Shakira (@ItsMe.Shak) will be guiding/leading the 21 day detox (rules were sent in the welcome email) and will begin on February 8th (just enough time to transition slowly during week 1 of the challenge) But… I’ll (@MjbTheOne) be going along with you on the sugar free ride starting February 18th all the way to March 30th. This sugar free detox started the first time around last year as a Lenten sacrifice that would improve my health. I was having issues balancing my diet and my pH levels so I decided I needed to make a change… a pretty drastic change. So that led me to cutting out all REFINED sugars from my diet. That’s the difference between a completely sugar free diet/detox and what I’ll be doing/guiding you through.

Refined Sugars are the sugars we love pretty much! That’s the simplest way for me to put it. But a true definition of refined sugar would be any sugar that goes through a process to remove impurities or colored components. The create empty calories and and lack any form of minerals or nutrients to the body. There are different types of refined sugars which is why it is so tricky/ difficult to pick them out of the ingredient lists on food sometimes. But the basic most recognizable form of refined sugar would be table sugar that we add to coffee or cereal every day. Corn Syrup or powdered sugar would be another form/type of refined sugar. Refined sugars are considered poison to the body even though we as Americans consume them consistently on a daily basis without even recognizing it.

So What Will I Eat? And What Will be off limits?

Because we want our food to add nutritional value to our lives we are going to be opting for certain things over others during this 40 day time period.

Off Limits

  • No added sweeteners or artificial sweeteners (no honey, no splenda…etc)
  • No foods with added sugar (read the ingredients) Here’s a helpful list of 50 other names sugar can be called on an ingredient label.
  • Anything white … I know that sounds crazy but that’s what helped me tremendously last year (no white bread, or anything made with white flour which is almost everything… especially my favorite : PIZZA)
  • All junk food (candies, cookies, chocolate, cakes…etc) I probably just crossed off everything you love… which is everything I love but remember it is for a good cause!
  • Breakfast cereals, baked goods, and pastas (unless they are completely 100 percent whole grain/whole wheat without any added types of sugars)
  • Soda

What You Can Eat- Easy to Follow Shopping List

  • Whole Grain Bread/ Pasta: Must be 100 percent Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Only (*Be careful as most breads that are labeled whole grain/whole wheat still have white sugar)
  • Whole Grains (including oats, quinoa, rolled oats, barley…etc)
  • Meat
  • Tea/Water/ Smoothies
  • Fruit (* in moderation be careful of your fruit intake and at what hours)
  • Nuts
  • Vegetables (they will become your best friend believe it or not!) – PS: they will help with hair growth as well!

Smoothies including fruits & vegetables will become your best friend! In the welcome email I included some of my favorite recipes for juicing that you can DIY on your own at home. If you don’t have time to juice yourself there are several options/cleanses especially in NY that may help do the trick by saving you time and provide you with awesome taste/nutrients at the same time.

My fave juice provider right now is Love Grace Foods  that can be ordered online or found in several stores across the country (especially in New York) If you want to give her drinks a try you can get a special discount for being a TNT family member using code: TNTSummerReady from February 23rd – March 9th!

Love With Food is another all natural organic subscription snack box that may help along this 40 day process giving us a few more options than just nuts.  There tasting box starts off at 10 bucks a month and gives you 8 different organic snack options, while their gluten free box gives you 24+ snacking options. They also donate a meal for every box purchased and I sure do love a business with a cause outside of profit. I’m very excited to start this challenge with you! The second time around I feel so much more prepared so please feel free to shoot me an email or catch me on all social media outlets using hashtag #TNTSummerReady !! The support is here all you need to do is ask! Good luck and don’t be overwhelmed if you have minor set backs!

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