So I did it again! Last year I decided to give up sugar for Lent , and it went so well I decided to do it again this year. This time around I was more mentally prepared and had a lot more support which motivated me towards even greater success. I decided to let the TNT audience into my world for this 40 day sugar free detox this year for Lent. So let me just stop beating around the bush and get into the good and bad of this year’s challenge.

40 Day Sugar Free Detox Results

THE GOOD: The results this year were phenomenal. During these 40 days I worked out and I worked out hard! Four to five days a week I’d do a mix of P90x3, cardio workouts, ab workouts, yoga, and strength training. I didn’t get to run as much this time around because the weather in NY was just out of control. In doing this activity I was able to lose 8lbs (mostly from my midsection which is where I gain the most weight) and all though I didn’t measure I’m sure I lost a few inches because my clothes fit a lot differently (my jeans were falling off of my waist).

What did I eat: This time around I think I was a little more brave (very little) and more prepared. I did more research as to what I could and couldn’t eat and wasn’t stuck with so little choices as I was last year. I did some more experimenting, and the good thing was I had more people to go out and eat/hang out with because they were suffering right along with me for the 40 days. (though I didn’t eat out much at all)

Breakfast: For breakfast I stuck to pretty much the same thing every day (during the week/ and most weekends) I had a green smoothie (made my first beet smoothie… and wasn’t disappointed), and an apple/banana every day. I know it may sound boring or like I was starving, but I wasn’t at all! Most times I as full all the way to lunch because of all the fiber/vegetables & fruit I consumed. A few times on the weekends I experimented with different things but my favorite was the Whole Grain Pancakes I had without sugar (they recommended to add honey but it is completely unnecessary because they are still delicious)

Lunch: Lunch was also pretty standard (even when I’m not sugar free I eat the same lunch pretty much every day) I had a grilled chicken Caesar salad which I prepared at home. Meal prep is crucial doing this detox cleanse and really helps you save money, as well as preventing you from falling off the bandwagon because you’re starving! After the salad I had a mason jar filled with mix fruits (strawberries, pineapples, & grapes) This was also prepared in advance and was super easy to travel with.

Snacking: I snacked mostly on almonds & pecans (raw/unsalted) and sometimes white cheddar popcorn. My snack craving wasn’t as bad as last year because I think my breakfast/ lunch was super filling so by the time I got home I wasn’t going insane. When I did get hungry for a snack I’d make a sandwich with 100 % whole grain bread (no white flour/  no sugar) which was  extremely hard to find but Trader Joes never lets me down! Most of my sandwiches were also made with 100 % natural Peanut Butter (unsalted). I did happen to luck out with a few snacking options for the weekends when I wasn’t distracted by work and that’s when I turned to subscription boxes which are a lifesaver when you’re on the go and still want to eat right.

I tried Love With Food which gets you your first box free (I love free stuff!)

Bestowed which gives you 10% off your first box

Fitsnack which gives you 10+ snacks for 15 bucks (+ a free book bag)


Taste Guru All gluten free snacks (+ a super cute reusable totebag)


Dinner: This is where it gets tricky always! The subscription boxes did offer some dinner options (though some had sugar in them so they weren’t even an option). I had some great dinner moments though! I had whole grain pizza (whole wheat dough from Trader Joes) with sugar free sauce (also from Trader Joes) and a mix of some cheeses (I had it 3xs… it was just so good and I missed pizza so much I couldn’t help it). Besides pizza I also had a whole wheat vegetarian lasagna, whole wheat mac & cheese (three cheese recipe which is delicious).

Supplements: I started this journey with a 3 day cleanse from Love Grace Foods that helped me lose 6lbs instantly over the three day period. I also did a 14 detox cleanse with Cutea that tremendously helped me post workout & to shrink my midsection! (Coupon code for CUTEA: TrialsNTresses) Other than that I strictly worked out 4-5xs and tried not to eat after 8pm.


I didn’t miss many foods during the sugar free detox (ice cream and pizza mostly) but I missed the ease of going out and grabbing something outside. Being sugar free requires alot more planning, and putting up with people who aren’t sugar free. (i.e.: parents/friends who want to cook amazing things or go to amazing restaurants when all you can have is a salad & water)

Also… unfortunately when my sugar free detox ended it was Spring Break so I hit the road hard! I ate so many terrible things all at once that I actually got sick and gained 2 lbs (YIKES!) My body clearly wasn’t ready to jump back into sugar and I’ve been paying for it dearly all week. It is really amazing to see how your body adjusts and functions when you cut certain things out that aren’t good for it/ reintroduce those things again.

FINAL TAKE AWAY: Last year I stated I was going to try to remain sugar free at least during the week days. I think this year I’m going to make the same promise. It is going to be harder during the summer than during the other seasons because I won’t have the same work schedule and it’ll be easier for me to fall off track. However the with the positive results (even clearer skin… thank GOD) I think its worth giving myself a shot at a healthier lifestyle. Also with a lower sugar intake I can manage my PCOS symptoms better/ in an easier fashion while working on achieving the summer body I want! I will continue to work out 4-5xs a week to watch my body transform in a positive way. Since I’m back at work this week I also will be refocused on not going out everyday eating things I know are going to go right to my mid section.

How was your 40 day reset? If you didn’t join in with me this time you can still do your only 40 day sugar free detox by following the tips/guidelines here!  You can also join in on the TNT Summer Ready Challenge for the upcoming weeks of new work outs/detoxes and support to reaching a happier healthier version of yourself!!

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